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Vin Diesel to World: I’m Done


Maybe it’s not my place to bring this up, but um… Shouldn’t you be in a couple more half-decent movies than, well — two — before you earn the right to become a parody of yourself?

And no, the critically-acclaimed Chronicles of Riddick video game doesn’t count!

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  • RJ

    I’m lost. The picture wouldn’t load. What do you mean he’s “done”?

  • dbcooper

    You goobers, Vin’s not done anymore than Schwarzenegger is done. Vin saw himself being typecast in the action-hero role and purposefully chose a change in direction for his career. He dropped out of the sequel to “Fast & Furious” AND “XXX” and made a family comedy. His next film is apparently a courtroom drama directed by Sidney Lumet (preview shown at the recent Academy Awards). I think it’s too early for Vin to be flexing his muscles elsewhere, but one must applaud his attempts at doing so. Stallone screwed up his career with such choices, so it remains to be seen what happens with Vin. He is an actor whose persona as not yet been written. He obtained a huge amount of success early in his career, and he has chosen to not capitalize upon it. He’s kind of a low-budget Sean Penn in that regard. The jury is still out on this unique talent. Cut him some slack. From my perspective, he is an extremely physical actor and will likely have to return to action roles to earn a paycheck. However, what he is attempting to do is brave, and he may just surprise us all.

  • Tom French

    He was in two half-decent movies?

  • Victor Plenty

    “Half-decent” = “not utterly unbearable” in this context.

    Action movies require a massive skew in the meaning of words like “decent.”

  • Alexandra

    I don’t know what’s wrong with everyone. xXx, Boiler Room, and Pitch Black were all excellent films. While he had a small part, it wasn’t an accident he was cast among other stellar actors in Saving Private Ryan. Boiler Room already shows a range well beyond people like Schwarzenegger. While many may not realize it, voiceover is a skill all its own and he did a fabulous job in The Iron Giant. To say that action films can’t be excellent filmmaking is thoughtless, since there is obviously a range of quality in that genre as in any other (anyone who saw the Punisher knows the lower end, anyone who saw the French Connection knows the high end).

    Every actor makes occasional bad choices, but not every actor produces quality work as well. Over the years I expect to see many great films from Vin Diesel. Give the man a chance.

  • Victor Plenty

    Action films can be excellent, but often aren’t.

    Even the most raving fandrone has to admit few filmmakers today care enough to produce quality action films like The French Connection. Far too many care only about box office returns (and of course, DVD rentals and sales).

    True, Vin Diesel is better than most at making the best of this bad situation. For example, without his contributions, Pitch Black and its sequel might not be watchable at all, what with their many flaws and laughably implausible settings.

    But he’s not good enough to stop me from laughing at the flaws in those films, and definitely not good enough to keep me from dozing off in sheer boredom whenever I even think about watching The Fast and the Furious.

  • Tom French

    Action films as a genre are very difficult to make excellent. Every movie has “action” , most, fortunatly, also have some character development, plot, etc… I have never seen “The French Connection”, so I can’t comment on that, but I have slogged through, “The Fast and The Furious” and it had none of those extra aspects that make films worthwhile.

    From my short exposure to his skills, I wouldn’t rate Mr diesel as anything but a well built man who can memorize some lines and make grimaces on cue. Until he acts in something that requires him to show some emotion or make choices based on a complex script, I don;t think anyone will really know if he is a good actor or not.

  • FilteringCraig

    Suburban Commando anyone? (crickets)

    Suburban Commando?


  • mike shanigan

    IN all cases, i think vin diesel is not an actor one might say, is “oscar material”, so i think he has the free will of doing anything he can possibly do. I mean if he does infact do the sequel to xxx or fast n furious, it would be so cliche. all in all, he’s makin good money. haha. guess thats wat matters.

  • The Theory

    >>Until he acts in something that requires him to show some emotion or make choices based on a complex script, I don;t think anyone will really know if he is a good actor or not.<<

    maybe I’m silly, but I think The Pacifier might do that. I doubt if it’s an enjoyable movie… but I think it has the chance to show another side.

    I don’t really like any of the movies I’ve seen him in, nor do I like his acting in them… but I do root for the guy for some reason. I think because every time i see him interviewed (Leno, Conan, whatever) he seems really nice.

    I guess I don’t have anything constructive to say in this post… so ignore it.

  • mrbenning

    I thought the reason Vin Diesel wasn’t in XXX2 and 2 Fast 2 Furious was because he demands high salaries and his box office draw isn’t big enough to make up for it.

    Of course, that’s just what I’ve heard. I may be wrong.


    I’d heard a similar report, and least for FF2. I also heard that he was offered a lot of money for “the Pacifier” than for XXX2, so he went with that.
    I think Diesel actually is a good actor, more than Arnold is capable of, so maybe he did want to break away from straight action, too bad he is picking bad scripts in lieu of action films.

  • Eric Olsen

    he seemed like an actual actor in the Boiler Room and Iron Giant

  • Eric Berlin

    I agree Eric — Vin showed real talent in Boiler Room (which took place, if the movie speaks truth, in my home town of Commack, New York… Exit 52 off the LIE) and Knockabout Guys. He then got swept up in the blockbuster maelstrom and hasn’t been the same since. It’s really testamony to a Johnny Depp or even Sean Penn, who refused to compromise and very purposefully took on quirky, challenging roles.

    On another note: what’s up with the two sentence post? Let’s get some real thoughts and analysis going up in here.

  • AC

    Merely a spark for further discussion… And pretty successful, don’t ya think?

  • RJ

    “he seemed like an actual actor in the Boiler Room and Iron Giant”

    Never saw IG, but he was decent in Boiler Room.

  • Natalie Davis

    Sidney Lumet says we will be surprised to see just how good an actor Diesel is. Admittedly, it is hard for me to take seriously an actor who takes the nom de plume “Vin Diesel,” and I loathe shoot ‘em up films in general, but I look forward to being proven wrong.


    Well, it is a name that will stand out when you hear or see it, and that is important for an actor.

  • sdf

    Vin Diesel would be perfect playing the role of Stevie Ray Vaughn.