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Vieques: Utter and Complete Paradise

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Vieques, a lush green island off the coast of Puerto Rico, is a destination that offers complete and utter paradise. It is popular with expatriates and is a very traditional island. It looks like cattle country in California with dry, rolling hills, wandering herds of horses, and flocks of white egrets. The island contains many gorgeous beaches, a small rainforest, exotic wild flowers, and many types of tree frogs and mongooses. Over 100 fine-gaited horses wander wild over the island. They are descended from 16th-century Spanish horses. Known as the Little Girl Island or the Isabel II, Vieques gains its name, which means small island, from the Taino Indians.

Vieques is situated about eight miles off the coast of Puerto Rico, and in 1854 Puerto Rico annexed the island. Geographically, however, it belongs to the Virgin Islands. The only way to get to the island is by ferry or airplane. The ferry ride covers vast blue choppy waters, with views of bright green trees for miles. When pulling into the ferry station, a distant view of a rainbow is often apparent; with good fortune, a double rainbow is visible.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketVieques is 21 miles long and three miles wide with a population of a little more than 9,000. Some of the natives of the island work in factories, but there is very high unemployment. New income derives from agriculture, which is becoming more important to the island just as it was in the past. The island is absolutely beautiful with white sandy beaches and family-owned restaurants and shops.

Vieques has three white sand beaches, Red Beach, Blue Beach, and Green Beach, which are excellent for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba-diving. There is a cave one can swim to and explore for shells and coral just 75 yards off the Blue Beach. Green Beach is difficult to reach as the way is long and rocky. Those daring enough to reach Green Beach can explore a mile long dock that was built during the last century.

Puerto Diablo (Port Devil) near Roco Cucharacha (Cockroach Rock) on the north coast of Vieques is where the third point of the Bermuda Triangle is reported to be located.

Vieques is the perfect place to visit for a romantic honeymoon or a well-deserved vacation.

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  • You are dreaming if you think this little hotbed of gossip and anger and drinking is utter paradise! True that the beaches are gorgeous but what about the amount of theft? and the anti ‘gringo’ feelings? It is paradise for the wise tourist for a week or so and heaven for people who love to sit around and drink but you would not want to raise a child here.