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The tag videogames is used often by bloggers when reviewing a video game or by people blogging about game that they've played. Videogames are often based on popular movies and books, such as the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. Wired's Game|Life is a popular blog for information about videogames and the game industry, and Kotaku often has breaking news about new videogames. IGN's GameScoop is a good source for reviews of new videogames.

Another common use of the tag videogames is by bloggers posting about game cheats. These cheats are actually codes or special moves that someone can use in a game to unlock features that would usually take hours of game play. Cheats can give players extra lives, make them immune to attacks and generally let them finish a game faster. IGN Cheats is a popular site that documents cheats in video games. If you are looking to buy videogames, a great place to shop is Amazon.

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