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Video Performance: Adam Levy “I Can Promise You That”

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The topics of love and lust have been the subject of songwriting as long as the craft has been around. Matters of the heart, though, span more than just the generations. Be it blues, country, soul or rock and roll, writers across the different musical generations have dipped into what seems to be a never ending well to tackle the subject.

In today's installment of Sun Studio Sessions, Adam Levy talks about writing the song and performs "I Can Promise You That."  It's a tune that deals with that escalation stage of a romance when you're really wanting to spend more intimate time with that special someone.  That desire for escalation is spelled out in the lyrics, but is really driven home by the sexiness of the guitar riff. Adam has a way to really underscore what he's trying to convey with his guitar work. Writing a song in that manner is no easy task, but Adam nails it here.

In the interview portion of the video, Adam also talks about how songs like this are formed. Sometimes they take months to take shape, while others just flow in a single sitting. "I Can Promise You That" falls into the latter category. Adam says "It just came out all at once. It's funny how that song I wrote literally just like talking a walk without even a guitar in hand. I knew what it was going to be. I went out for a walk, I came back and picked up the guitar and it was done." Check out what else he has to say, as well as his stellar guitar work below:

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  • Adam Levy’s CD Washing Day is a very nice surprise indeed, and this song just keeps growing on me. I know he’s best known as a guitarist — one of those fine working players who keep the music biz going — but his songwriting absolutely deserves attention. If life were fair, this guy would be a much bigger name.

  • sharon

    Just cought this song on TV and was glad to find more on the net . Have not heard of Adam before but I will be looking for more . HE IS GOOD !