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Video Killed the Podcast Star

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Christmas has come early, kids. The potty-mouthed patron saint of the yuletide, Santa DJ, has a little Christmas gift for you. For those of you who have ever been curious as to the physical appearance of one DJRadiohead (and admit it, you all have been) this is your big chance. Rather than sliding my fat ass down your chimneys and inviting restraining orders from all corners of the globe, I present this promo video.

This is where it all turns around, boys and girls. The seriousness of the past two episodes is taking a big backseat. With Episode 9 we return to the formula that made us what we are.

In the meantime, I got bored and banged out a little promo video for the show.

Episode 9 will be vulgar.
Episode 9 will be profane.
Episode 9 will feature great music.
Episode 9 will air before Christmas.

I am calling my shot right here and right now. The gauntlet is on the fuckin’ floor. Vulgar. Profane. Music. All the shit you need for a kickass Christmas.

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  • Count me in. I’m all down with vulgar.

  • Well stay tuned, HRP. I am bringing the profanity. Sackfulls of fuck just in time for your stocking!

    Hope the video gives you a mild chuckle in the meantime.

  • Dude… this is outstanding!

    Wow, I’m mega-mega-impressed. Damn… I don’t even know what else to say.

  • That was uh……wow! Bring on the podcast!

  • EB and Mat: Thank you both 100,000 times over. Your kind words of praise have caused incalculable inflating of my ego. They have also given me additional motivation to get Episode 9 together.

    I had a lot of fun doing it. I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it work. It was a first attempt at something like that.

    Darth Mouthious, Lord of the Sith.

  • yow! that was great.

    i jumped up onta my desk in my cube and commenced to flinging paperwork into the air.

    bring on the sacks fulla fuck!!!

  • I wanna thank the academy, my mama and Elvis-

    Thanks, Saleski. Midgets are loading the sacks fulla fuck on my ride right now.

  • damn…and you get beatings for this. life is SO unfair.

  • Something about monkeys spanking, or spanking monkeys- makes me want to sing, “My Beautiful Reward” or something.

  • DJ, that ruled!!!! and you look exactly like i imagined!! all funky black an white! lol, no, but you do look like i imagined, an that promo was outstandin! im just listenin to the elliot smith one now, which im ashamed to say i didn’t get to hear until today. will let you know my thoughts on it all via the thread in question.

  • does the wife to whom you are married see you in color?

  • Goatee for Christmas?

    Bah. You’re not bad until you go full beard. It’s the thing to do in December.

    (Yeah, nice promo by the way.)

  • Thanks, Duke! But you entirely missed the point. I have NO funkiness! I thought I made that obvious.

    Seriously, thanks for checking it out. I find interesting you had a picture in your mind similar to that which is in the video.

    I will look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Elliott cast as well as Episode 8 when you get to it.

  • Saleski, I am not sure how to refer to the manner in which the wife to whom I am married sees me. There just seems no way for me to not get in some manner of trouble. Husbands on this thread understand what I am meaning, don’t ya?

  • Sussman, I am nothing if not a fashion maven.

    If I could grow a proper beard, I would. It’s just that when I try I look a little too much like a child molester – not a look for which I strive.

    Glad you dug the promo – I appreciate you taking a peek at it.

  • Dude, you’re a cartoon! Excellent! I guess someone has a new tech toy to play with over the holidays.

    I could not listen for sound because I’m sitting in the devil’s office… but the visuals looked like a lot of fun. Congrats on the new addition.

  • Sahm, thanks for checking it out. I guess I am a cartoon. How bitchin’ is that? Peter Gabriel spends billions of dollars trying to be a cartoon in his videos? I did for a whole lot less.

    If you get a chance, run it with audio some time. The gyrations are actually me ‘singing’ and when you get to add the audio I promise hilarity will ensue.

    Thanks for checking it out. True story here… I remembered harkening back to your podcasts thinking that I might wish you could stop by and help me sync my audio and video. Your casts always have such a great production sound to them.

  • Peter Gabriel would be proud to be imitated. I’ll check it out with audio tonight, DJR.

    Thanks for the production props. Did you get to hear MJR 3? I’m actually working on my #4 this week, but still shaking off the November vacation lag.

  • The bachelor must die! I enjoyed it and look forward to MJR4.

  • ::Hope the video gives you a mild chuckle in the meantime.::

    I would never tell you if I were impressed. How could I then subjugate you? I have priorities, man!

  • You can tell me if you liked it and still subjegate me with those threatened beatings.

  • DJR – “You can tell me if you liked it…”

    That’s the thing with these podcasts, man… opinions are hard to wrangle— even on a site known for it! I have an elaborate webstat checker for my site and I can tell the podcasts get listened to all the time, yet very few comments. So it goes.

    Remember DJR— don’t do it for the chicks. Do it for your f-in karma!

  • Sahm, you are entirely correct of course. My site has some sort of web stats thingy and I have checked it a grand total of once since I went live in September of this year and that is odd as that is normally the type of silly shit over which I would obsess.

    Feedback is great… even if it’s a “Pound salt, you fuckin cuntfuck” but ultimately I do this shit for the sheer joy of doing. That and it keeps me off the streets and out of the bars. Karma. Fuck yeah, man. Solid.

    As a sidenote, the wife to whom I am married would get quite grumpy if I were doing this shit for the chics. She takes that whole “fidelity” mucho fuckin serious. Go figure. I am subjegated as a motherfucker already.

  • The song was stuck in my head all night while I was trying to work. And I want to see more.

    But I will never tell you that I liked it! muhahaha

  • Trust me, folks, that is as much of me as you want to see.

    Now to read that comment a little differently, the kind words and encouragement has certainly inspired me to try another of these.

    And of course, the podcast is in the works. I will be recording some tonight while the wife to whom I am married studies for finals.

  • Are you supporting the wife to whom you are married while she is in school? Or are you making her slave away while she’s also in classes? If it’s the former, I’m sending the husband to whom I am married to you for lessons, she says, thinking nervously about starting classes next month while working fulltime.

    Observe my powers of off topic-hood.

  • By supporting the wife to whom I am married I will assume you mean financially…

    Currently, she works part-time and goes to school part time. Being a few years older, I finished school first and have been blessed to have a job that covers most o’ the bills. She works a few hours and goes to school.

    Lessons are cheap. =) You must promise to only use your powers for good.

  • *gasp*

    I call major shenanigans and will use you as an example of why the husband should be beaten with a stick, and why I should no longer have to work full time come January.

    Will you maybe call about my mortgage, too? get us some slack cut on that? 😀

  • SHENANIGANS! SHENANIGANS! You are liberal with those beatings. You are handing those bastards out left and right. RESPECT MY AUTHORITAH!

    I worked full-time (or rather 3 PT jobs) and went to school full-time for the last few years of my college career all the while I was dating the woman who has become the wife to whom I am married from a not inconsiderable distance. I believe it did damage to my physical health, I know it did to my psyche.

    If your finances allow for you to work no more than part-time, you should both really think about it. You will be a happier person and in turn he might be allowed to be a happier person. It is a heavy load. If you have to do both, it will have an affect on so many other areas of your life. Ask me how I know.

    What do you want to be when you grow up? Or rather, what are you planning as a major?

    SHENANIGANS!! The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  • English major, emphasis in creative writing, naturally. With two novels cooking, one hopes that eventually people will pay me to spin stories. If not, well, I’d like to be a professional editor (which I may be better at anyway).

    Right now, my husband refers to BC as my “second” job, with all the time I spend working on stuff around here, and I have a full time job as a loan processor, plus my personal blog, plus fiction writing, plus home duties, plus quality husband time, and I really don’t see where classes fit in with all of that, even though that’s the most important thing to me right now. I’ll be 27 next month and I’ve put this off too long as it is (though thankfully, I only have a little more than two years worth of full time class time to go).

    I don’t know if we can… my husband is financially conversative to the point of silliness sometimes (he’s fascinated by doomsday economics… I even made him a tinfoil hat one night), so it’s difficult to get a real gauge on what we can/can’t do. I know salary.com tells me I should be making a lot more money. 😛

    Wow, I’m rambling. I should go back to the beatings and the authoritah. But I know how hard trying to juggle a lot of things can be, and I believe it does indeed affect your health… I’m sure you’re much happier now than you were when you were running around like a crazy man trying to get all that done.

  • Just heard the audio. When I watched on mute earlier, I thought it was you singing. Quite amusing. Nice promo. You may now bang on.

  • I graduated at 27. College, smartasses (particularly you, Saleski!) heheh

    It is a hard road… college, marriage, career, hopes, dreams. It sounds like a Springsteen song.

    I am no financial genius- I am not even allowed near the checkbook around here for my own protection and I clearly don’t know your individual situation. There is almost always a dollars/cents component but there are costs that can’t be measured in monetary terms. When you weigh things out, consider the cash costs and the non-cash ones. Sahm wrote a piece a day or two ago that delves into some of those same things.

    Do you have a sub-genre of fiction you write? You must work the tinfoil hat for husband into one of the novels somewhere. That’s funny!

  • Sahm, again many thanks for checking it out. Glad it amused. I am at my laptop now working on the promised and promoted next podcast episode!

  • Yeah, I read that… it’s given me some food for thought. And why must our paths be like a Springsteen song? It makes me feel like I should go, I dunno, change my hair. Do something Jersey.

    As for writing… uh, literary, mostly. One big project that’s best described as “near future urban fantasy.” Whatever crops up.

  • Big Jersey hair and tight, Carmela Soprano orange pants! HAHA!

    A lot of things to think about and discuss. It’s good that you are wanting to get school finished. The wife to whom I am married feels like it has taken her half a century to do this, but she keeps plugging away at it. You’ll be fine. Just subjegate the husband – don’t give him a vote. =)

    “near future urban fantasy” – that’s a new one. Hadn’t heard of that before. Sounds cool. I don’t haev the focus and discipline to go novel. Too easily distrac- oh, look at the kitty! [blatantly plagirized from Robin Williams]

  • Alisha: A piece of advice. If you complete your “near future urban fantasy”, just be sure not to market it as science fiction. Most lit agents just see those two words and toss it in the slush without even reading the rest.

  • Mark – Yeah, I’ve been following a lot of publishing news over the years, since I started writing seriously (which is cyclical, for me) and I know there are not a lot of people friendly to genre work in general that isn’t romance or mystery. I find this particular work very difficult to categorize. There are a lot of elements, but it doesn’t feel quite comfortable locked into any subgenre. 🙂 But it is definitely not science fiction. There are a bare few elements of cyberpunk, but action/horror would be a better label, though still doesn’t quite qualify. Maybe when it’s finished. I’m in draft four.

    DJ – I was just watching some Sopranos last night on DVD and thought of this conversation due to a pair of Carmela Soprano stripey pants. Freeeeaky. But thanks for the advice, though I hardly need it to keep the husband subjugated! There is nothing like kicking a man in the knee and planting one’s foot in the small of his back as he drops to the floor. Erm. I mean, he’ll be supportive of me while I’m in school because he loves me!

  • I see you have negotiating tactics well in hand. You will be just fine.

    She does wear some godawful clothes, doesn’t she? I need Season V on DVD. Maybe Santa…

  • Speaking of Santa, I hope he realizes I wanted the special new uber edition of Sin City, not the lame ass regular DVD.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for your Santa if you do so for mine. 🙂

  • Done deal. Maybe this is what we need… a ringer. Dual crossed fingers… doubles the odds. 🙂

  • I was going to do the “Were you a good little girl?” routine but that just read too creepy.

    I hope you get your uber DVD. I haven’t seen “Sin City” yet. Can you believe that?

  • Yes to the creepy. 🙂 HIE THEE TO THE VIDEO STORE IMMEDIATELY AND SEE SIN CITY. Dammit. You’ve obviously been VERY bad and may not deserve any presents at ALL.

    I’ve hijacked your comments. 🙂

  • What’s wrong with a little internet creepy between two strangers married to the spouse to whom they are married?

    I will get “Sin City” this weekend at the movie store.

  • Well, the subject for discussion wasn’t whether or not the creepy was okay, but whether or not there was some creepy. Now you’re all changing topics on me and stuff, and that is not quite cool, m’man.

  • You aren’t the only one with off-topic power!

  • I shake my fist in your general direction.

  • Recording on the profanity-laden podcast has commenced. Balls of Fuck heading your way!

  • Fuckin’ A!

    I’ve always want to write that in print… but it just doesn’t have the same flavor, does it?

  • No it doesn’t, EB. I have subtitled this next episode “Deck the Halls With Balls of Fuck.” I might even sing for you all.

  • Now that has a nice ring to it!

  • Wait until you hear my golden pipes wrapped around that!

  • How soon are you going live? I want to be sure to get my Xmas podcast online before yours. Heh heh. Just kidding, man.

  • Well, that’s a matter for much consideration. I have two segments on the HD as we speak. I am considering re-recording them. I tried a different approach and I am not sure if I like it- having some second thoughts. The ‘cast is 90% written so either way it shouldn’t be much longer before I go live.