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Video Interview with Raoul Felder, Celebrity Divorce Attorney Extroardinaire

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SuChin’s take:

Honestly, after I walked away from this interview, I thought, man, this is the kind of person I want to be sitting across from when I’m 70. You know you gotta love a man whose first question is pointing to our intern on the set and asking, “What, they have enough money to pay you to be beautiful?” Or, how he kept asking my producers, “Who’s paying for this website? Two camera shoot? What kind of money are we talking about?”

I love that he’s so curious about life, that besides being this brass knuckle divorce lawyer to the stars, he also writes books and wants to do a Broadway musical. He had me on the floor with his one-liners, “Marriage is the first step to divorce”… “the biggest reason for divorce is boredom.”

He has got an incredible sense of style. The most well-dressed man I’ve seen – perfectly tailored three-piece suit with a vest, tie, handkerchief — straight from Savile Row. He hates sloppy dressers and thinks women are the worst dressers — can’t imagine how women buy clothes and “just have the hem taken up.” I think he missed his real calling in life, which is to be an actor or stage performer or in the entertainment business; but really, he approaches law and courtrooms like a play or a film. Drama, intrigue, style, bravado, illusion — that’s all there.

Filmed at Bice, 7 East 54th Street in midtown Manhattan, New York City

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