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Video Interview with David Cross of Arrested Development and Mr. Show

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Suchin’s take:

David Cross is known for being an asshole — and he kinda is. But not in the way that you think. He’s that friend everyone has who has a strong opinion about everything, isn’t afraid to say it, and knows what he wants. That can rub people the wrong way sometimes. But he’s actually really thoughtful, careful about what he says, who he’s talking about, and you don’t always get that from comedians who only care about getting the laugh at any cost.

I love the randomness of this interview, we cover everything from Koreans eating dogs to his take on TV pitches and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome to how people treat him when they recognize him. I thought it was one of the most uncomfortable interviews in person, only because I just really wanted him to like me, like “Hey Dave, wanna grab a drink after this drink?” and I think he just wanted to do the interview and get out of there (and on with his day). Turns out that awkwardness, the uncomfortable edge makes for some great WebTV. I love that it really feels like two strangers having a drink at a bar and how that can be awkward and weird, but at the same time, you feel lucky to have spent some time with the dude who brought you Mr. Show. I like interviews that make you laugh out loud and squirm a bit — that’s what this one is.

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