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Video Interview with Ben Goldhirsh, CEO of Good Magazine and Reason Pictures

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SuChin’s take:

The first thing Ben said when we sat down was that I could ask him anything. Nothing was off limits, he was open to whatever I wanted to talk about. Gotta love that. Especially considering how insane the past five years have been for him. Graduating college, father passing away and leaving him with a huge fortune. There could be a very understandable guardedness about him and he has none of that.

Here’s a kid who has inherited hundreds of millions of dollars and a magazine empire and he literally showed up in a sweater that looked like something he’s had since college — scruffy, beat up, comfortable, with even a hole in the bottom of it. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the way he looked or how he talked that he could probably buy you and the town you grew up in. There’s no pretension to him, no sense of entitlement. He’s shy and self-conscious, unsure — he’s that nice guy friend you want to set all your girlfriends up with.

The most fascinating parts to me were the stories of his family — how his dad bought his khakis from K-Mart and drove a sensible car. And I was so curious about how a young single guy goes about dating and making friends when you’re never sure of people’s intentions. I think that’s why he makes it a point to really just be as “normal” as any 26-year-old; it just so happens that his best friend is Al Gore’s son and he owns a magazine, a film company, and a publishing empire.

Filmed at Celsius Lounge, 625 Main Street, Park City, Utah

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    how do i meet ben gold hirsh?