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Video Game Nude Mods Listed

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There’s little doubt that nudity is a hot topic for gamers. Brand new games on the market for only a matter of weeks find themselves the focus of mod creators’ desires to disrobe characters. From Lara Croft to the women of Oblivion, just about any title that involves female characters are fair game.

Heck, speaking of fair game, there are even mods out there to make Homer Simpson appear in the buff. I even found some chat about nude football players for a Madden title, but I couldn’t find the download.

I must admit I don’t understand the appeal of naked characters, but there’s no doubt there’s an appeal – and a huge one. The draw is so strong, in fact, when I set out to find out just how prevalent nude mods were for video games, my search revealed a list that’s somewhat staggering.

Below are just some of the mods I found. Remember, this is a short list. Be warned though, most of these mods are for adult eyes only, and I can’t attest to the workability of the downloads. Lock and load at your own risk. Note: Not Safe For Work!

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  • Arra

    SWG should be on the list I have a DL link if anyone needs it. I personally have been looking for a Guild Wars patch and a EQ2 Patch.

  • emerson

    I wouldn’t mind having that link, I have the SWG patch but a friend wants it, and I can’t find where I got it from

  • Someone

    Hey arra, can you give me the SWG link?

  • Wow, this article came out a year ago, and only NOW have people started to comment on it?


  • Yea, what is the download link, I will add it here.

  • Anoymonus

    Yo, theres some reason Gw pad mods doesn’t have one.

  • kazama

    this is crazy! the nude patches i tried all suck!!!

  • kazama

    i can’t seem to find a nude patch for “lifeline” you know…

  • mystiero

    anyway you can send me the link for the EQ 2 nude patch pls

  • Raclyn

    Looking for nude patches for EverQuest, EverQuest II, Star Wars Galaxies, Vanguard Saga of Heroes, Pirates of the Burning Sea, Guild Wars and Sword of the New World. Please send me an email with links if you could.

  • Daniel

    HAHA! EVERQUEST SUCKS!!!!!!!! dude! its called WORLD OF WARCRAFT OR STEAM GAMES!!! pfft…everquest….LAME!!!

  • Anon

    Guild Wars Nude Patch, not perfect and it requires a certain character to work, but hey… at least it works.

  • Ara

    Ill trade a good link for SWG nude patch for a EQ2 nude patch link.

  • kakashi-hatakay

    will these get you banned?

  • IF Digital

    Hey how do i install the half life 2 nude mod, i need a more step by step tutorial, i dont understand the document it doesnt explain to me enough.

  • privateI

    gamevixenzone sucks

  • mhorton

    I’m not surprised no one commented for a long time. In the very short article he says he compiled a list that was “staggering” then included a list of like 5 games.

  • ArEsTuS

    I DO NOT get how to download the half life 2 mod Nude alyx. I’ve placed it everywhere, into my valve, everything, gotten into the steam program file. [personal contact info deleted]

  • bloodywolfblade

    I already got the gta San Andreas and I am in the process of downloading it and I can’t wait. I am eventually going to get oblivion elder scrolls for my laptop because I have the 360 version and love it. Just umm… want the nude mods lol. ;}

  • Some Kid

    Wow, it started in 2006 and peeps in 2010 are STILL posting 😀

  • Slinky33

    People in 2011 still posting ;D
    Wondering if there’s another link for the oblivion mod O.o

  • cavok

    Can’t seem to find any nude mods for fable fable the lost chapters fable 2 kane and lynch 2 dog days or any othe xbox or 360 games! Can anyone help me find some good ones or links to good ones? [personal contact info deleted] Thanks.

  • Draconian Warrior

    WOW blows big time…. daniel i dont know who you are but if everquest never became popular im sure that blizzard would have never made WOW into an mmorpg… just sayin everquest came first did it right still does it right and wow needs to get a major facelift and overhaul thier graphics cause theres a reason its called wow…. WOW these graphics suck

  • Stonk

    Stonk’s law: intellectual content is inversely proportional to graphical quality. Ergo, crappy graphics does not necessarily mean crappy game; rather, the reverse is more likely. Try telling that to the random button mashing playstation generation though.

  • roma

    ? ??? saints row 3?