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Victory And Barry Manilow

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Some new (and old) cartoons on the second Inaugural – rapid fire talent at work here.


Daryl Cagle’s Professional Cartoonists Index over at Slate has a collection of trenchant and topical cartoons on Inauguration Day 2005 – a few selections (all copyright original creators)







On the eve of the November election, I posted this post about winners on my blog. Both the incumbents won – the horse and the president

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  • Okay, perhaps the next Bush in political office just might be Jeb’s son, George P. And later down the road, Pierce, Neil’s son. But Jenna? If you mean W’s daughter, please explain.

  • Do you think Mr Bush likes Barry Manilow?

  • Shark

    The captions for the bottom cartoon epitomize the Bush years better than anything I’ve ever seen or heard:

    “You’re at war. We’re at a *party.”

    (*paid for by future generations)

  • For what it’s worth, the interesting mathematical oddity about the number below:

    My previous post for the day had the time 16:18 – 1.618 is phi, the golden number in math. This is my fourth post for the day

    The time stamp here, 17:58, can be expressed as

    1.758 = phi + 1/(pi+4)

  • David, this can probably be discussed in the bc yahoo group, but I don’t think there is any restriction in the date/time for posts – I normally choose a time that makes some interesting numerical or mathematical oddity a couple of hours in the future, mainly because I can. I don’t see why you think this is dishonest.

    Enjoy the cartoons, and smile:)

  • Aaman,

    No offense but how can your post have gone up at 5:58pm when it is only 4:20pm? I don’t want to be snippy here, but this gives your post pre-eminence for at least an hour and a half, unless I want to be dishonest and go in and change my post time to something even later; which I’d rather not do.