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Victor Wooten live in DC

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For the second time in three days, I went to see Victor Wooten. Tonight’s gig was at the 9:30 club. I haven’t been to the 9:30 club in about a year and a half, and I think I remember why now. Not in the best of neighborhoods, really expensive food and drink (for what you get), unusual acoustics and standing room only facilities. And on that note, parquet flooring over cement makes for very hard floors; pick shoes accordingly….

Just because I’m human, I’ll be spending some time comparing this night with the Monday show in Baltimore. I think I liked the Funk Box show more; much more intimate, better acoustics (I don’t know what the difference is between the two shows, but the kick drum in Baltimore hit like a sledgehammer), and the spring loaded floor definitely helped with the comfort level. Working in the 9:30’s favor was a stage about twice the size (so more movement and more things on stage), a venue about six times the size (and pretty darn packed, too) and a much more robust lighting rig (which definitely helped the show out).

The band this time had the same members (Regi, Derrico, Joseph, JD, Divinity, Anthony, Victor), but this time they had enough room to set everyone up. So JD had a small percussion kit set up on the opposite side of Derrico. Joseph has his Theremin out for this show. Since DC is near where the Wooten’s grew up and where JD went to college, they had lots of friends and family in the place.

The show was rather similar to the Baltimore show (not a big shock) and different in others. Some highlights:
1) Victor stopped the show again and asked the audience for a time signature to play it in. Just like last time, they picked 11/8. Okay, so this is a gimmick. It’s still cool (11/8 ain’t no kid’s time signature) and they sold the gimmick really well (particularly Anthony).
2) The black Fodera with the lit fretboard. They did this in Baltmore as well. I didn’t mention it because there should be some surprises…

3) JD Blair’s solo. It reminded me quite a bit of the A Show Of Hands tour, when it was just JD and Victor for the entire night.
4) JD & Victor stopping during their solo when they saw me taking a picture.
5) And, speaking of the Show Of Hands album, Victor’s solo this time around borrowed heavily from that album, playing quite a few pieces from the album (either in whole or in part).
6) Seeing Anthony’s reaction when he noticed Victor played through a set of strings. A resigned “Aw, Dammit!” would seem to be a good approximation.
7) Derrico’s right foot is just inhuman. I know a bunch of drummers who can’t play as fast, as cleanly or as distinctly when they use both feet, let alone only using one foot.

JD & VictorI’m going to include the photo of JD and Victor in the body of this blog (which I normally don’t do) just because it’s such a great picture. I actually took about 143 photos at the concert. I’m not that much of a photo person, but where I was (front row, dead center) I had such perfect lighting that I found myself taking lots and lots of photos. Check em out! Annie Liebowitz I’m not, but some of them are pretty good.

And, this will be the last Wooten post for awhile. Their tour takes a few weeks off, and then picks up on the West Coast. You owe it to yourself to check this show out.

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  • tgr

    P-sh8 the mention. I’m here N London surfN.
    Itz about 2:30 N da mornin’.
    Figured I’d holla. Hey, I dug whut FutureMan, & Mr. 9 year old, playN like a vet, Isaiah R dewN. Whew!
    I really NjoyD hitN w/The Woo-10 Klan. It had been well ova a year. Joseph, THANX 4 da laffz!
    Regi, U R da T-cha!
    MCDivinity, U Badd!
    Ant’, wut kin I say, ” Dat Pepsi iz kracklin’ yo! ”
    Luv ya Bruh. I dug yo’ site diary 2!
    Kurt, keep da faith Holmes!
    Ted, it wazza blast, & awldat, ya heard? Tanx aheapazoid 4 fixN my kit up!!!
    Derico, I suspekt that yo’ mug w/grace the cover of MD soon! 🙂
    Danette, U R Priceless! Letz dew lunch, cookie style!
    Thanx bunches 4 lookN out afta a Brutha.
    Vic. Yo man, ain’t nobodEelse. THANX 4 airthang Holmes!
    Greg, Cheese, Myles, Dorsey/MDFS(18)-Drive Fool!!!
    Thanx 2U mugz that gave up da support. Most of awl, thanx B2 Almighty God 4 the mercy, & repeat chances 2 try & git it right again.
    Innaminnit, Psa150!=tgr.