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Vick-timized: Dogfighting Indictment Disheartens Loyal Fans

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This is an especially sad day for me as a sports fan. I should know better, as I have heard it all before. “Athletes are people and people are fallible.” “Never be surprised when a famous person falls off his pedestal.” However, Michael Vick was different for me and now the Atlanta Falcons quarterback has been indicted on dogfighting charges. This is the last straw!

This just proves what we all know intuitively. Ignorance does not have a tax bracket. All of us non-superstar athletes have the same reaction every time something like this happens. How can someone be so fortunate, so gifted, yet put so much at risk? How could someone working under a $130 million dollar contract and making millions more in endorsements put it all in the wind? How could someone with Michael Jordan talent have Michael Tyson recklessness? How can Vick be such a punk? Now I feel Vick-timized!

I know I should not be surprised. People make knuckleheaded choices every day that put the trajectory of their lives at risk. Somewhere, a married father of three will take drive home drunk. Somewhere, two lovers conspire to kill their spouses for the insurance money. And every day, people allow common frailty rather than common sense to govern their actions.

But not Michael Vick, I thought. He was “my man!” He was the one that sold me on the season ticket package. It was his number that I first put on my baby boy’s back. It was he that I defended endlessly in arguments about how an athlete of his unique skills at the quarterback position should be evaluated. It was also he that told me, in so many words, not to put so much faith in him. The “Ron Mexico” alias. The funny-smelling water bottle. The one finger fan salute. All of these incidents taken individually are not all that damning, but taken together are way, way too many for a would-be franchise quarterback.

And now he has been indicted, and not on some garden variety “boys-will-be-boys” charges, but some truly depraved behavior. This is dogfighting — gruesome, inhumane business. Only monsters traffic in this stuff! And I can only assume that indictments don’t happen by accident. Generally, you can only be harmed if you put yourself in harm’s way. So even if Vick were to beat this rap, he would have been much too close to it for my comfort.

This is the last straw! Okay, if I am really being honest with myself, this is not really the last straw. It’s the second to last straw, with the last straw being a conviction. I have put too much time, too much effort, and too much passion into rooting for Michael Vick to completely turn my back on him without a conviction. However, I do hear Maroon 5 warming up in the background. Give me something to believe in / ‘Cause I don’t believe in you anymore.

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  • Constance

    That is a really good article. I don’t follow sports. I didn’t even know who Vick was. But now I’m sad and hurt over the issue.

  • Andrew

    It amazes me everyday how athletes who are blessed with so much choose to throw it all away or risk throwing it all away. Athletes of Vick’s caliber who have amassed so much fame and fortune should make better use of their time. Volunteer for charity events, mentor young men and women, help combat poverty, or disease, or environmental problems. He alma mater V-tech has done so much. The effects and sorrow of that horrific, inhumane, and heart-breaking school shooting will never be forgotten. I didn’t once hear him make a public statement. why is that? He should have been at the front of the line!. There are a miriad of things one can do to make the world a better place with so much resources at their disposal. And the best he can do is dogfighting?…I mean really?…dogfighting? The part of this article that really struck was:
    “This is dogfighting — gruesome, inhumane business. Only monsters traffic in this stuff!” Does Vick want to be categorized as an animal hating monster? Or a superstar QB who overcame the the criticizism and won a superbowl when everyone said he couldn’t. One saying that he should always remember is: “To whom much is given, much is expected”.

  • Ty

    I’m just glad to see the negative spotlight off Barry Bonds. The whole steroids discussion is so boring. The thing with Roids is that unless prescribed, it’s illegal. Why isn’t the US Attorney bringing charges if there is proof (or an admission) of steroid use? Yes, I know Bonds could be indicted but for now he’s safe.

    Anyways, once again, I’m happy to see Vick take the spotlight off Bonds and put it on “Sick Vick.”

  • If he’s innocent, the Falcons will have to decide if he’s worth all the bad publicity he keeps getting, and then keep or trade him.

    If he’s guilty, he needs jail, rather than another “shot” right now.

    Wonder what odds his “friends” are giving that he never serves a day, if convicted?

  • Brian, I’m sorry about your boy vick.

    It’s amazing how bad publicity, and all of the sudden everyone thinks Vick can’t play. Sure he’s got knee problems but he was the most exciting in athletes in the NFL, and everyone in the NFL is an exciting athlete.
    The NFL will probably make him an example because they don’t need anyone right now. They probably won’t care if he goes off into obscurity like Rick. Williams, or Dante.

    And Marcus didn’t help either.
    I think the Raiders will give him a shot.


  • RJ

    Michael Vick, and his brother too, are classless thugs. This is unsurprising to me.