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Vice President Cheney’s Speech, 11/21/05

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I heard Vice President Dick Cheney’s Nov. 21 speech with my own lying ears.

Folks, the administration is still fighting back. Some would consider it small joy after the weeks of battering and shrillness from the Moonbats and those with Selective Memory Syndrome. To me, Cheney’s remarks were fair and, yes, there are people who do not like fairness. These are people who can only win by cheating: small children who want to win the next Monopoly game, adolescents who dream of a sports career, adults who want to get the job over the next guy. All are examples of those who might cheat if given a chance and if desperate enough. Oh. And Democrats who lost the last election and want to get their way anyway. They might cheat too.

In a younger and more naïve time, I never would have thought such a thing possible, this notion that some people don’t like fairness. Indeed one of my better strategies to obtain customer satisfaction across the merchant realm is to appeal to our human innate sense of fairness.

Our entire culture is based on a sense of fairness, every board game designed, sporting events, even our personal interactions. Every day we who carry this country on our backs must negotiate purchases and prices, ascertain if the teacher was right or wrong, decide if little Johnny is lying, debate tonight’s use of the wide-screen television. The games and sports events are based on pre-defined rules on which everyone must agree beforehand. Parents make important decisions based on their personal history combined with the love they have for their children. Courts across the land wrestle with judicial issues and juries decide life or death. All based on the sense of fairness that is integral to our culture.

This may be a broad assumption, but as Americans we generally agree that you don’t get to vote one way earlier then later claim “unfair” or that “I didn’t mean it.” Criminals who confess are rarely found “not guilty”, even if they recant their confession later.

I hope the administration continues to firmly restate its case and continue to demand fairness as well. For too long it seemed that demanding fairness is somehow shameful, as if we would play a game of poker and knowingly allow our opponent five or six extra aces.

We understand fairness out here in la-la land is what I’m saying. We understand the constant vigil to keep the opponent from cheating, even if the opponents are our own children, who cheat through lies and deception.

We are not surprised by or disdainful toward a proud attempt to state one’s case and demand fairness. We expect the same every day as we live our lawful lives.

Below, an especially pertinent paragraph from Cheney’s speech:

Some of the most irresponsible comments have come from politicians who actually voted in favor of authorizing the use of force against Saddam Hussein. These are elected officials who had access to the intelligence materials. They are known to have a high opinion of their own analytical capabilities. (Laughter.) And they were free to reach their own judgments based upon the evidence. They concluded, as the president and I had concluded, and as the previous administration had concluded, that Saddam Hussein was a threat. Available intelligence indicated that the dictator of Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, and this judgment was shared by the intelligence agencies of many other nations, according to the bipartisan Silberman-Robb Commission. All of us understood, as well, that for more than a decade, the UN Security Council had demanded that Saddam Hussein make a full accounting of his weapons programs. The burden of proof was entirely on the dictator of Iraq — not on the UN or the United States or anyone else. And he repeatedly refused to comply throughout the course of the decade.

Full Text of Speech

The Quote This Week That Says It All

“Their only chance for victory is for us to walk away from the fight.” Vice President, Dick Cheney, referring to the terrorist enemy, 11/21/05

Below, the condensed version of VP Cheney’s speech:

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  • steve

    Nancy…even though we play for different teams..I admire your hatred for Cheney. I cant think of a person (that I know of) who spews pure evil hatred in the way you do. It always gives me a good chuckle. =)

  • PNAC

    Liberal/Conservative are just labels designed by the corporate elite to keep the common people fighting amoung themselves while they persue their various agendas. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bolten, Libby, Jeb Bush etc, etc are all members of the “Project For the New American Century”. These people are running our government. Read their literature, they wanted to attack Iraq long before 911. They are willing to give up your standard of living and your children lives to persue their dream of the American Empire. They have no respect for the troops or human lives. They want genetic weapons, pharmaceutical patches to be worn by soldiers to remove their fears and
    enhance endurance. This is the real Dick Cheney, go read it for yourselves “Rebuilding Americas Defenses”

  • Liberal

    Who won purple hearts and who went awol really isn’t the point. What matters is who can ensure their relection by lying their way into a war. Setting policy is a matter for former CEOs of corporations that stand to make billions with the “right” policy, not soldiers. If Cheney was talking about how to protect America from terrorists (by voting not to allow metal-detector invisible plastic handguns on airplanes, for example) he’d be unqualified, but if it comes to enriching himself and his cronies and how to use war as an instrument of deception he’s as qualified as any other Republican.


    (Edited to reflect reality)

  • Silas Kain

    Though the Vice President may be right on the money in this speech, I can’t help but feel that Mr. Cheney’s reign as Vice President will come to an end in 2006.

  • That detestable graphic works from an inaccurate assumption: Many don’t consider themselves to be on your side or the other’s. Rooting for your side would be no different than rooting for the insurgency — both are vile propositions requiring us to betray our deeply held principles. Not only will that not happen, it can not happen.

  • “Setting policy is a matter for politicians, not soldiers.”

    True. Killing and dying is the matter for soldiers.

  • blatz

    From the point of view of our culture, suicide attacks seem like desperation, but maybe they are not viewed that way in other cultures, or even by segments of the culture. Maybe they are viewed as acts of courage against a harmful enemy. I’m not saying that I believe that attitude is correct, just that this seems to be a possibility. It is difficult to try to imagine oneself in someone else’s shoes, and mindset, but isn’t this the way to begin change someone’s perspective? In other words, try to imagine how you would feel.

  • Nancy

    Cheney is not only far more a ‘geezer’ than Murtha, he’s a lying, conniving, cowardly, & hypocritical geezer to boot. The sooner he’s dead & his soul is frying in hell, the better, I say.

  • pissed off PFC

    Murtha is a geezer. He should hurry up and die already. where does he come of asking us to “pull out” of Iraq? since when does he have a valued opinion?

    Cheney is 100% right in suggesting that the only way that they will win is if we walk away from the fight. The terrorists have been fighting a losing battle since the get-go. That is why they use their suicide attacks….as an act of desperation. we have made significant progress in Iraq…why should we let it all go to waste now?

    you people need to get your fat asses off the couch and away from the liberal media poison you have streaming and spewing through your television. Its all bullshit propaganda. any Iraqi vet would agree with me. HOA!

  • Dave Nalle

    So, you acknowledge his expertise…baby steps, MCH.


  • MCH

    “Their only chance for victory is for us to walk away from the fight.”
    – Dick (5 Deferments) Cheney

    And Cheney has first-hand experience with doing that…

  • Who served and didn’t serve really isn’t the point. What matters is who has the right idea for the nation. Setting policy is a matter for politicians, not soldiers. If Cheney was talking about how to take a hill or encircle an enemy he’d be unqualified, but if it comes to policy and how to use war as an instrument of it he’s as qualified as any other politician.


  • Bliffle

    How peculiar that you chose a poster of a GI wearing a helmet to support the cause of a guy who never served. Especially since it seems to be in opposition to Murtha, who DID serve.