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Very soon I can wrestle catfish

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Atlanta and Savannah grow larger every day, but make no mistake Georgia is still a redneck state. The latest evidence comes from our House of Representatives who passed a bill 161-0 Tuesday that would make “Noodling,” best described as catfish wrestling, legal.

For some reason most states have made it illegal to fish for catfish without rod or pole of some sort, but this bill will likely pass the Senate and be signed by Gov. Sonny Perdue.

Here are some excerpts from the floor debate.

Rep. Roger Bruce, D-Atlanta, “What is noodling?”

“You know, what we would do when we were young ‘uns. We’d reach up in the creek bank and pull that catfish out,” said the bill’s sponsor Rep. Pete Warren, D-Augusta.

Warren went on to say, “They ought to legalize it because it takes a dern fool to go out there and do it in the first place.”

I wish I was kidding.

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  • Sure. It’s easy to legalize wrestling catfish, but will they have the hushpuppies to legalize deep frying wrestlers?

  • Eric Olsen

    sounds more sporting than hunting

  • everything should be legal unless here is a reason not to.

    Catfish wrestling should only be illegal if they are or become an endangered species.

  • Sounds like the right thing to do. Why have a law against something which only harms the person doing it, and even then isn’t all that dangerous? It’s like passing a law against sledding or playing horseshoes – yes, someone can get hurt, but who cares?


  • RJ

    Though this is a pretty stupid hobby for one to take up, I can’t believe it was ever actually illegal to do so…