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Verse Chorus Verse: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – “Straight Into Darkness”

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Last night US President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address.  I did what I do during most SOTU addresses: something else.

Don't misunderstand.  I'm a concerned citizen.  I've voted in every presidential election since I turned 18.  Skipping SOTU speeches is one of the bonuses I get for paying attention to what's going on throughout the year.   I have a pretty good idea of the state of things right now.  They stink. 

Maybe I should start my own political party or maybe even a political action committee.  You know, those organizations with those pretentious names like Citizens In Favor Of Things That Are Good or People Who Don't Like Things That Suck or The Federation of We're Right And Those Who Disagree With Us Are Wrong. 

State of the Union?  Things stink.  That shrewd political assessment is not brought to you by the Democrat Party, Republican Party, or Green Party.  I don't want to get off on a rant here.  The opinions expressed here are just that, and they're brought to you by The Committee of One Fat Guy in Alabama With Unassailable Taste in Music. 

Tom Petty hasn't endorsed my candidacy for anything.  In fact, he may send me a cease-and-desist order, but I'm going to borrow from The Book of Tom for my first political advertisement:

I don't believe the good times are over
I don't believe the thrill is all gone

Put differently: "Cheer up, Emo Kid."

Things are tough out there.  For all of us.  The day-to-day struggle for significance and the challenges of navigating the daily grind are enough without the torrent of troubles surging at us from every direction.  Despite all that, I still believe Tom is right.  There are good times ahead.  We're all here to pay the bills and have some thrills, and we can get there from here.

My name is Josh Hathaway, and I approve of this message.

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  • mostly irrelevant but still: my band used to play “Change Of Heart”. always loved those opening chords.

  • Josh Hathaway

    Thank you, Glen. We thank you for your support and look forward to your vote.

  • Funny shit Josh, also spot on.


  • Josh Hathaway

    I’m aware of his reticence to have political candidates use his songs. He asked McCain to stop using “I Won’t Back Down.” I guess I’m down a vote. Such is life.

  • Liberty

    Tom Petty has never endorsed a canidate in his life. He accually dosn’t like it when they use his songs. Like hilery clinton used “american girl” ….Not too fond of that because he dosent want people to think that he supports them or their views.

    Put Differently: He won’t endorce anything for you.
    peace love & happiness… -tom petty freak