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Verse Chorus Verse: David Bowie – “New Killer Star”

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My best friend hasn't yet found the logic in my love of David Bowie.  It's not that he doesn't like Bowie.  He does, in some fashion.  What he hasn't figured out is why I do.  Again, it's not because Bowie hasn't done likable work.  It's that he finds Bowie seems an odd choice for me.  He's not entirely wrong.  Bowie's theatrics and restless bohemian artistic dalliances seem to run counter to my anti-bullshit mantra.  I can't explain it, other than to go to the great one himself:  let's face the music and dance.

If you think that line comes from "Let's Dance," put on your red shoes and get a lap.  That line comes from "New Killer Star," probably my favorite song from Bowie's last studio album, Reality.  We're talking about "NKS" and Reality because Bowie is releasing a CD companion to the DVD he released from that tour.

I can't claim to entirely have cracked the code of the lyrics but when I read them, I remember an interview Bowie gave CNN a few years back.  The conversation turned philosophical and he said he believes when he's on his deathbed, he'll still be asking questions and trying to understand a little bit more of the world.  He wasn't talking religion and I've no idea if he has one or not, but I got the sense part of him hopes there's someone who can roll out the scrolls filled with life's mysteries when this one is all said and done because he wants to compare notes.  That's one thing that interests me about Bowie.  Everyone would probably like to know how or why.  Some of us may even think we have a piece of that puzzle.  Very few of us have taken the time to formulate our own thoughts or ideas on the subject.  Bowie has.  I get a sense that's part of what's at the heart of "New Killer Star."

If all the mystical, spiritual, theoretical, and eternal questions don't grab you, you can face the music and dance. 

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About Josh Hathaway

  • What has always fascinated me with Bowie—beyond the merits of the music—is his insatiable curiosity (about anything, about everything) that, in one way or another, have informed his art. As far as I’m concerned, there is no one who draws on such a breadth of influences and ideas to the scope that he’s done.

  • Josh Hathaway

    You’re right, Donald. His curiosity manifests itself in his music in myriad ways and that curiosity has taken him to some of his most (and least) interesting places. I love the wandering spirit of his music.

  • Tito

    Was listening to this record this morning, one of my favorites. Just wondering what the “New Killer Star” title is reference to? Perhaps a jab at then president JW Bush’s incompetence at saying “nuclear”?

  • Tito

    GW Bush*