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Velvet Revolver on Letterman

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‘Tis the era of Rock Supergroups my friends.(**) First Chris Cornell fronts up what’s left of Rage Against the Machine, now Scott Weiland manages to stay out of rehab long enough to stumble up to the microphone for the remains of Guns and Roses. The new band is called Velvet Revolver, and I’ve come across their new single twice this week – once on “Headbanger’s Ball” and then last night on The Late Show with David Letterman.

I really liked the single “Slither” when I first heard it – it was a lot heavier than I was expecting, and not too derivative of either of the former bands’ music. It was less impressive live. Scott Weiland looked like HELL – I know, big surprise. His arms are the same diameter from his wrists to his shoulders. Eeech! I’ve always liked Weiland’s voice, but it didn’t seem *quite* up to the task last night – it broke in a couple of spots and drifted off key. It’s nice to hear that Slash is still playing the same guitar solo after all these years though.

But my favorite part is when Duff goes…… “eh!”

What IS that??

Anyway, I don’t want to judge them on the basis of one song and one talk show appearance. (It’s tough get up on stage at 5:30 in the afternoon, do one song, and come off sounding good.) I’m interested enough to want to hear more of the album, which is more than I expected to be.

Dr. Dave (doctorsilence.blogspot.com)

(**) Heck, Sammy Hagar is even back in Van Halen again!!

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  • Velvet Revolver! Way mass cool. OK, my favorite new band. Had never heard a song till last night on Letterman. But it is good to see Duff back in action.

    As I mentioned in a comment on another post, they have a sound I can recognize as having a ‘this neck of the woods’ input (not grunge, but I’ve been here long enuf to know the evolvement of what happens this way). Rock, a bit progressive and polished.

    Good of you to mention Cornell also. OK, I’m a fan of whatever those guys are doing. Having seen them both hone their chops years ago, it is good to see a larger aspect of the Seattle sound. It is taking on a sound more like I remember (late ’70s to mid ’80s influence) from this town. It is stepping into the 21st century real nice.


  • Thanks for pointing out that Duff thing. It sounded like he was coughing, it was terrible… just like his bass playing (learn to use your fingers instead of a pick). Other than that, Velvet Revolver ROCKS> I just did a piece on them last night too after seeing Letterman. It’s probably about 5 or 6 pieces down.

  • Lono, you bring up a good point, always debateable. Pick vs. fingers. It seems the rule of thumb (no pun) in the rock n roll world is to use a pick for live performance, fingers for studio work. Really depends on the impact of sound you want. Solid rock in live circumstance, yeah, I understand the pick. It is tough getting a balanced stage sound in heavy circumstance.

    hhhmmm…also, having had a chance to see Duff develope his chops since he was in high-school and getting into his first bands on the scene (the great pre-grunge scene in the NW USA), naw, trust me, the guy is actually good. Quite good.

    Sick? Yeah, if he was in this neck of the woods lately (at one of his houses or visiting family or something) he probably caught this crud going around right now in this area. He was probably feeling like shit if that is the case.

    Duff? He’s good and sick. I guess that makes sense.


  • Jennie

    I am trying to find a place to download the velvet revolver live on letterman appearance. Does anyone know where to find this at???

  • Sam

    Dr. Dave is right on about the live performance on Letterman. Weiland was off-key; he sounded like he was doing the vocal from the acoustic version they’ve done on KROCK NY for Howard Stern & KROQ LA for Kevin & Bean. But I’ve heard other live versions, and they’ve done much better. I’m just glad to see something new from the vestiges of GN’R. I think VR rocks so far, which is more than I can say for everything else out there for the last 5 years.