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Vedic Astrology in Indian Marriages

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Marriages in India are mostly arranged. Caste and creed are still very important in this ancient nation. Status and the family also takes a predominant role in settling marriages.

Money came last in the olden days, but now it is the prime issue. Physical appearance is also of great value, but comes second to the quality of the family. There is a firm belief in Indian society that the background of the family is very important. Any flaw, small or large, the magnitude does not matter, is considered a weakness. The prospects for these families get restricted; other qualifications, such as wealth, education, and position, get brushed aside while fixing marriages.

Of late, astrology and reference to horoscopes command a lot of attention settling alliances. There are many compatibilities to be analysed. The placing of Mars or Kuja, Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn or Sani in the twelve houses are scrutinised for a marriage proposal. Mars or Kuja in houses 1, 2, 4, 7, 8, or 12 of a Rashi or lunar chart, is Kuja dosha or manglik dosha. So if a boy with this dosha is married to a girl without this fault, the marriage will result in childlessness, disappointments, loss of happiness and wealth, and misunderstanding between husband and wife. So this dosha is to be carefully handled.

Thus many potential matches are not considered and many beautiful proposals do not end up in wedlock. The same effect occurs from the placement of Rahu and Ketu in various houses; their presence point towards unhappy marriages, divorce, and illness. Another fixation that scuttles worthy alliances.

When a marriage does happen, after careful matching, and amidst religious rituals and prayers, along with the blessings of elders and relatives—presumably, life should then go on, with no hindrance. But in reality does it?

Divorces were few in India a decade back. But now they are common. There are more divorces than marriages. Second marriages among women were unheard of some 10 to 15 years back. But now most girls seek remarriage immediately after getting legally divorced. Horoscope matching, which promises a long and happy wedded life, is shown to be baseless.

Yet Indians continue to be swayed by astrology, and of late the profession has become a money-spinner. The Indian subcontinent, which is fast becoming a powerful economy, should put these beliefs behind it. Marriages should be based on the fundamentals of happiness, pride, and the qualities of the bride and the groom.

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  • blesson

    about marrage

  • Vedic astrology principles are not repeatable and they rely on whole houses and signs and hence, you will find that many people having dosha as per astrologers lead very happy married life. and vice versa.

    at lifescape astrology we have defined a simple principle for women charts.

    when sedna or interamnia or mercury makes adverse angle with mars, then problems in married life.

    we wish that large number of people test this principle and advantage would be that red coral would be able to reduce some of these problems.

    increasing number of divorce is indeed a matter of concern.

    like all parameters in life , like business has ups and downs, so is the case in married life as well. there are bound to be some downtimes, in majority of individuals. what is required is understanding to stride through those lean times and understand that divorce is a painful to everone involved in the case.

    also remarriage with the same person after divorce should be banned by law to maintain the sanctity of married life.

    rakesh singhal

    • nm

      First of all, ban should be made on making prostitution legal, making sensual films, songs etc and induce more knowledge about true relationships.

      It is a individual human right to divorce and remarry. It is their own karma.

      The point is, one should not try to induce their own thoughts/principles on others, eg., prostituting, sensual ads, films, songs etc.

  • Meenakshi

    Ravemenon, mother in law is always there.You cannot expect her to get away once the daughter in law comes in. There may be freak incidents of a mother in law treating her daughter in law badly, but how many daughters in law respect their mother in law and make the old woman’s life miserable. The latter outnumbers the former.I do not vouchsafe for the older generation, as both are from the fairer sex, but with brimming egos.

  • meenas17

    I do not have deep knowledge in astrology. But I feel strongly that they cast a negative influence while fixing marriages. Each astrologer gives different interpretations that really confuses the seeker.

  • More divorces than marriages? It is not the case still in India, even in cities. More than 70 percent of Indians live in villages where divorce is not even imagined. Divorces are still rare in towns and cities. There may be increases in divorces in metropolitan cities, but they too are limited to wealthier class people who proudly adopt western culture.

    I wish to add one more point to your article. Even every arranged marriage happens only after horoscope matching many dowry deaths, even among wealthier families, are occurring. It is because of male dominant society predominant not only in India but also in the world.

    Despite shortcomings Indian marriage system stands high in the world.

  • This article is shallow. One who does not know about the multifarious uses of vedic astrology , a puerly scientific knowledge that could well be used as a guiding light in many a situation in life like Marriage, education, career and finance is no joke or superstition. One needs to understand that Astrology is not intended for prediction but only for direction, counseling and guidance. One need to own one’s actions. OInly when India started following the west Divorce has become common here. Further the Mother in law syndrome in some community make the life of the bride miserable that is to be remedied.