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VAUX-There Must be Some Way To Stop Them

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Volcom Entertainment recording artists, VAUX is an energetic 6-piece hardcore/punk band with a flair for screaming, and a knack for rocking out.

Their latest effort, “There Must be Some Way To Stop Them”, is an inner glimpse of everything good in the hardcore scene right now. Starting with the very first track, Set it To Blow, the unbelievable talent and musicianship shines forth. From the well placed beats to the infectious vocals, VAUX are professionals from the first note to the last.

Pensive lyrics about the world in which we live and the mindsets in which we partake are a key factor in who VAUX is. On Love and Cars, the second track on the disc is an amusing analogy between a car and a relationship, “pop the lock and fill the tank, trade it in for the newest make, why stop, seen engines blow, I wanna get you to go, The street curves around your bend, hold tight, here’s where it all ends, why stop when I’m in tow, I wanna get you to go.”

VAUX is a classic example of a band that would sell off the shelf if discovered. Everything about this album screams hardcore—from the cover to the artwork to the gut wrenching screams. A spectacular display of control and talent, “There must Be Some Way To Stop Them” is a great pick up for fans of the hardcore/punk rock genre.

Lyrics- A- (Mostly great material about life, experiences and ideals.)

Objectionable Content- C (2 words that did not need to appear on this disc, did. It is a shame too because they were not needed.)

Overall Album- B+ (A great disc overall.)

Jeff Petermann
Action Attack Helicopter Magazine

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  • yanni805

    Who knew the awful Volcom corporation had it in them to sign a decent band. Now all you guys have to do is drop Ozzy Wright.