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Jesse James (West Coast Choppers, Discovery Channel’s Monster Garage and the documentaries Motorcycle Mania 1 & 2) is back with the third installment of his wildly popular Motorcycle Mania series, an exclusive documentary series for Discovery Channel. Accompanying the film is the 14-song soundtrack, each track hand-picked by Jesse James himself.

Featuring two exclusive tracks, Fu Manchu “I’m Gettin’ Away” and Kid Rock’s live acoustic “Long Haired Country Boy” the disc is a visit into the world of nu-metal but touches on country, blues and alternative as well. The disc also features a few quotes and passages from the film, by Jesse James which soud suspiciously out of place.

For a disc that starts so strong with the aforementioned “I’m Gettin’ Away,” which is undoubtedly the strongest track on the CD, it quickly takes a turn for the worse. The next three tracks on the CD are absolute stinkers and it only slightly picks up the pace from there. There are a couple of standouts, the previously mentioned Fu Manchu track along with the second Fu Manchu track, “The Mongoose,” Lou Rawls’ “How Long Blues” and Danzig’s “How The Gods Kill,” attempting to save what would otherwise be a drab nu-metal compilation, overwrought with used-up power riffs and whiny bar-band vocals. The Kid Rock cover of “Long Haired Country Boy” is one of those cover tunes that makes you instantly want to listen to the original to clear what you just heard out of your head. It’s not that it’s done badly, per se, it’s just too obviously a cover tune.

The CD is specifically picked to accompany the road-trip documentary Motorcycle Mania 3 and it does make decent driving music, particularly on one of those longer sojourns through the traffic here in the Northeast U.S. where one tends to get pretty pissed-off rather quickly.

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