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Vanderhoof-Blur in Time

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Blur in Time

You have a second tier metal band that is in total chaos thanks to an unstable lead singer. So what do you do? Well, if you are Kurdt Vanderhoof, you head off and make the greatest Styx album they never made. Tracks like the humerous ‘If there is a song’, ‘Brand New Light’, and ‘High St’ are pure Styx. Just to make things interesting, you and your side band create a few tracks, like ‘Sonic Blur’ that would not be out of place on a Rainbow album. The whole thing has a Damn Yankees vibe to it as well; a bunch of musicians from various bands having fun making music. ‘Blur in Time’ takes off where the first Vanderhoof left off and shows the band jelling into something special. Fans of Metal Church might not take too well to this offering, but fans of great hard rock are just going to love it. There is not one stinker on here, although Drew Hart’s vocals are a bit iffy on the first few tracks. No messing, this is a damn good album and deserves a place in any hard rock fan’s collection. Here is hoping Kurdt gives up on the saga that is Metal Church and concentrates on his namesake. The press bumf says this lot are going to tour this record; I, for one, can’t wait.

Marty: 9

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