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Van Morrison’s Magic Time

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Van Morrison is known for some good tunes throughout the past few decades. Some releases have had a joyful appeal while others more subdued and sedentary. Magic Time is the most recent release.

Magic Time has a wonderful poise of groove and smoothness showing off Van Morrison’s best—be it crooning or some feisty blues. His charm shines through his Sinatra and Como covers (“This Love of Mine” and ”I’m Confessin’” respectively). And his efforts as producer allow a genuine love for blues and soul to shine through and make the music great. He has assembled a band that knows what each song needs and delivers it. Nothing more and nothing less. Allowing the greatness of each song to stand for itself.

Magic Time is Van Morrison paying homage to old R&B singers while freeing himself to find his way back to a world of melody, or his Irish roots. He delivers each song, from blues romps to melancholic ballads, as they deserve to be performed. His voice is genuine, soulful and full of energy.

This album isn’t without his scorn for the industry, as we’ve all come to expect. Magic Time concludes with two such songs ”They Sold Me Out” and . Yet this time they work.

Fans throughout the times will enjoy this new album. It shows us that Van Morrison’s still got it in him to create a classic.

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About Cara

  • Am listening to it right now, and I can pay it this super high complement with a two word review:

    Classic Van

    * Oh, and I can’t help but mention this because I am so filled with glee and disbelief. I am going to see Van Morrison Friday night at Red Rocks.

    yup, I am going to type that again… because it could be the coolest sentece I utter in my life:

    I am going to see Van Morrison Friday night at Red Rocks. Life is good.

  • -E

    That is a good sentence to utter 🙂

  • jarboy

    van morrison at red rocks? i’m green.

  • What are your favorite Van albums?
    Mine: Astral Weeks, of course
    And St Dominic’s Preview

  • Astral Weeks is a great album. “Madame George” is one of my favorite songs. His Hymn to the Silence was pretty good.