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Van Halen split…don’t ask, don’t tell

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Tony Hicks of The Contra Costa Times recently spoke with reinstated VAN HALEN vocalist SAMMY HAGAR at the grand opening of his new Cabo Wabo Cantina at Harvey’s Casino in South Lake Tahoe.

During the chat Sammy discusses, among other things, his return to Van Halen, the band’s upcoming summer trek and the Van Halen fans.

On being back in the band Sammy comments, “We still haven’t really hashed (the split) out. We tried to talk about it, but some people have different memories about what happened. But we decided to leave it at that. We started out like it never happened.”

Via: Hard News

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  • If Van Hagar plays a show and I don’t give a shit, did it really happen?


  • If Van Hagar comes anywhere near Seattle and I can snag tickets, I’m there. I’d prefer a David Lee Roth Van Halen, but hey, I would be down for an Eddie / Hagar jam session with Michael Anthony and that wicked Jack Daniels bass.

  • i’d love to see them live IF they’d promise beforehand NOT to play any of those icky Van Hagar ‘love’ songs:

    Why Can’t This Be Love?
    When Love Walks In
    When It’s Love
    Can’t Stop Lovin You
    Keep On Lovin’ You (no, wait….dat’s Reo…)

  • Yeah and “Lost in Love,” and “Makin Love Out of Nothing at All,” and “I’m All Out of Love,” and … oh wait, that is Air Supply

  • I saw Sammy Hagar on teevee the other night (channel 47 multicutural, well, yes, I guess you could consider Sammy Hagar to represent a culture). And he just spent most of the time slagging Diamond Dave for working in The Sopranos. Y’see he’s acting because he can’t sing, or so he claims.

    Sounds like a good career move to me. Hmm, get paid for playing cards and being Dave, or having to drag your sad ass out on a stage as the second choice. Geez, I don’t know what to choose.

  • I think they should both just admit that they are punchlines instead of stars now.

  • Is that like Sammy Hagar, David Lee Roth, a priest and rabbi walk into a bar …?

    (No wait, the comedy rules require three, but if you mix SH, DLR, you can’t only use a priest or a rabbi, and it just isn’t funny if you try to use the Dalai Lama).

  • How about Sammy, Dave and Gary Cherone walk into a bar?

  • I have seen Sammy perform twice (both were for free, I’m not a huge fan) and I have to say he always put on a great show and had a great attitude and was appreciative. He is a good guy, which counts for about 80% in my book.

    Of course, compared to Roth… anyone looks good. That guy is an egomaniac!


  • i kind of like Sammy’s solo stuff (except for that ’55’ thing)…heck, i even saw him a looooong time ago, opening for Boston on the Don’t Look Back tour.

    it’s just that the things he did with Van Halen never seemed all that great.

    ps. his tequilla is way good

  • Vern Halen

    Whichever of the two is now out can come over & sing for us. Five bucks per day plus bus fare to our reheasal space at Jimmy’s mom’s house in Encino.

  • Sammy’s liquor sales make him a millionaire not needing to sing another note the rest of his life.

    With today’s music sucking so bad, we need an infusion of VH tunes……I hope they rock.

  • Sean

    I dont mind seeing either of them but i would have to perfer david lee roth hands down……But its all good as long as they dont bring that idiot that they in 98 god i dont know why they did that that guy is the biggest f*** so is van halen for even thinking he would be a suitable replacment…just my 2 cents

  • anonopotamus

    even though I do not know why DLR left VH I dare to say I am a VH fan… (offtopic) but why did he leave???
    btw.. the DLR era is definitly better than the Van Hagar era.. although Black and Blue is cool..^^