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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Grandparents

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When it comes to February 14, your attention often goes to your significant other or maybe even your kids, but we often forget about the sweetest of Valentines: our grandparents. Grandparents are known for spoiling their grandchildren with love and affection, but how often is it that the grandchild reciprocates with a gift?

This Valentine’s Day, be sure to choose a gift that any grandparent will love. Whether you live close to your grandparents or need to send them a gift from afar, these are gift ideas that are sure to please.



Send a Hug

Instead of sending flowers that will fade away (or arrive in an unknown condition), send your grandparents a teddy bear gift basket. The Serious Teddy Bear Company features dozens of different gift baskets to choose from, each containing a soft teddy bear and a selection of treats. You can include a personalized gift message for your grandparents, so they know that this hug comes right from the heart.

Easy Readers

While technology might not be an obvious choice for your grandparents this February, consider buying a Wi-Fi enabled tablet or e-reader. Not only do these electronics make it easy for your grandparents to catch up on all their favorite reads, but they can also make reading easier on the eyes, with the ability to alter text size as needed.

Upgrade a Necessity

For many of our grandparents, wearing a medical ID bracelet is a part of their everyday routine. Instead of sticking with the traditional silver bracelets, check out the selection from Medical ID Marketplace. They feature styles for men and women, and also offer pendants, watches, dog tags, and other forms aside from the traditional bracelets.

A New Reminder

Our grandparents are at an age where they might need to take medications several times a day, and juggling a medication schedule can be difficult. With the new MedFolio Pill Organizer, not only are medications sorted by time of day and day of the week, but the box sends you alerts when it’s time to take your medication. Flashing lights and audio alarms through email or text message will help your grandparents stay on track of their medication.

Give an Experience

If your grandparents aren’t the types to sit at home on Valentine’s Day, get together with other members of your family to plan a fun night out for them. Hire a car to drive them around, make reservations at a nearby restaurant, and get them tickets to the theater or to see live music. Just let them know in advance you’re going to plan their evening so they don’t end up double booked.

A Gift for Grandma

Grandmothers are notorious for loving any gifts that their grandchildren send them, from macaroni art to a homemade card. Why not get her something she’ll love and that’s from the heart this year? Birthstone jewelry is a great way to signify to your grandmother all the members of your family. As long as there aren’t too many in your family, a nice birthstone ring is a way you can represent your family unit in one piece of jewelry. Things Remembered offers birthstone rings that can accommodate three to five stones for all the members of your family.

Gifts for Grandpa

For your grandfather this Valentine’s Day, give him a classic gift he’s sure to love. Some ideas include custom cufflinks or a nice watch. You can get monogrammed cufflinks with his initials, or if he likes something a little more lighthearted, you can shop for these NCAA cufflinks so he can represent his favorite team. 

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    My favorite Grandparent Valentines Gift is a kit to grow a TickleMe Plant with their grandchildren. TickleMe Plants will react to affection or by blowing it a kiss by closing its leaves and bending down its branches….then this living plant raises its branches back up within ten minutes..A lot of fun see a live one at http://www.ticklemplant.com