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Using Google Plus Hangouts to Connect, Collaborate, and Communicate

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With Google Plus (G+) in Open Beta, many are trying to see how they can use it as part of their business. Although the business component of G+ has not been released, one of the ways you can make business connections is by using Hangouts. Hangouts allow you to video conference in real-time with up to 10 people in a virtual room.

Included below are several examples of how you can engage with others during a Google Plus Hangout. Keep in mind that you should have a goal of building relationships and not just accumulating people in your circles.

Connecting via live newscast via Google Hangouts

One of the newest ways for you to connect via Google Hangouts is by using a live newscast while you have a Google Hangout in progress. The champion of this technique is an 8 time Emmy Award winner, Sarah Hill. This is a very high-tech option but it is doable. To do so from your home, you can use the following tools:

  • Google Plus Hangout: you must have a G+ account and have a Hangout in progress.
  • Livestream: allows you to live stream your shows and it will also record it for you.
  • Camtasia: if you want to have a backup of your recording so that you can edit it, you can use this software program.
  • Camera/Mic: make sure that you have a good webcam that will display your picture clearly. Sample cameras are shown below. It is also a good thing to have a mic embedded in your camera or have a good one that will capture sound effects.

To help you understand how this type of newscast/hangout has been a great experience for the “Cybercouch”, below are included a couple of quotes from the Cybercouch special guests.

  • Robert Redl: The personal and live connection between individuals now gives the possibility to get first hand local experience. In this way every person is some kind of “local expert”.
  • Pio Dal Cin: No need for big Networks’ updates anymore. The hangout applied to the news as Sarah has pioneered has started a new concept: Anyone with a PC, a webcam, and some knowledge of the news world can actively contribute to the news as they happen, giving an insight perspective that is innovating like never before.

Sarah Hill - Newscast - Google Plus Hangout

Cooking Hangout

One of the most fun ways to have a hangout is while someone is cooking. A hangout is started in the normal way and others are invited to join in. While the hangout is going on, one of the participants will cook in their kitchen and share how one of their favorite meals is prepared. It’s a good idea to record the cooking hangout using the tools mentioned above. Below is a picture of the final product that was created during a cooking hangout with Hermine Ngnomire.

Cooking Hangout - Google Plus Hangout



Speedpaint Hangout

This is a very unique hangout where the artist Cliff Roth creates a painting of each subject within 30 minutes. He opens a hangout and then he invites in people who have donated to his special project. Once in the hangout, then each person takes a turn as Cliff paints their portrait.

Kim Beasley portrait - Google Plus Hangout

Additional Hangouts:

  • Interviewing potential virtual employees
  • Team meeting where you can now share Google documents
  • Pictionary (TM)
  • Sketching party
  • Family Feud (TM)

More about Google Plus:

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