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Using Creative Visualization

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We need to be able to maintain one idea and one goal, and to be loving and self-accepting enough to be able to imagine ourselves happy and participating in the exact future we desire. The purpose of creative visualization is to be able to manifest and create our own happiness, no matter what that may mean. This is one rule of the law of attraction. Anything we can see ourselves doing and believe we can do, we can bring to fruition. This makes us powerful players in our own bright futures.



According to Jose Silva, by learning how to visualize, we can actually think of and believe in things we have never seen before. We can see ourselves as different people and try to imagine the world from another viewpoint or perspective. Not only that, we can get a detailed and precise idea of what it is we truly desire in our own lives. What we ask for, we very easily receive. When we give our creative energy and mind power to the practice of constructing and believing in our dream life, it will quickly and easily become a reality.

To use it, just think of something you want in your life. It can be a personality trait, an object, an emotion, or another person. Then close your eyes and see it happening. You don’t have to imagine how it will happen, or when, you just have to see it and believe that it will happen. See yourself in detail, and imagine enjoying whatever it is. What would it feel like, and look like? If what you want is a certain characteristic in yourself, try to think of how it would change you, how you would use it, and what it would mean.

Besides helping us live out and positively communicate our desires to the Universe, this is also a way for us to find out if what we want would truly make us happy. If we have a hard time seeing something happen, or if the thought of it doesn’t make us feel good, then maybe it is not really what we are meant to do. Sometimes, we only want for ourselves what others want for us or want us to be. This expectation can end up ruling our lives so much, that it actually changes our goals and visions for ourselves. To be really happy, we have to sort through the goals others have laid on us, and be true to ourselves.

Only by using the power of our imaginations can we live out such scenarios, test them, or use our mental images to come up with innovative new ideas and problem solving. This will make us valuable to our friends, families, and employers, and it will make it much easier to manifest our perfect future. Instead of using negative language, such as “I Want” or “Someday,” we just close our eyes and see ourselves exactly where or who we want to be. Then we let the Universe make it true for us by taking important opportunities and making life happen our way.

Creative visualization is incredibly empowering, and it really does work. As we become better able to create images inside our brains, we also become better at manifesting them outside of us. We become co-creators and the masters of our own futures and destiny. We can only do what we can see ourselves doing. If we are not able to think up a happy, productive future for ourselves, how can we possibly attain it? This is why it is so important to use our imaginations to reconstruct ourselves, our lives, and our worlds.

There is no human ambition which is beyond our power, as long as we are fearless and focused enough to pursue it. Before we can achieve anything, however, we have to make it a reality inside of us. We have to think it, and dream it, and, finally, live it. We all have a right to be happy and to make our own, unique dreams come true. That is why we can use creative visualization to see our real desires, to believe in them, and, finally, to make them our own reality.

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