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Use the Farm, Luke – An Amusing Tale

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Hey, here’s an amusing take on our old favorite movie Star Wars called Store Wars. It’s a pretty good parody of the movie, produced by the Organic Trade Association.

It’s actually a commercial, but whether or not you buy into their message, it’s amusing nonetheless. Store Wars is a pretty clever 5 minute animation that introduces you to Cuke Skywalker and his friends as he battles the fearsome Darth Tater.

If you like the Star Wars series, you’ll probably be amused with this one. But if not, skip it.

Atom Films has a collection of Revenge of the Sith parody videos that Star Wars fans might want to check out as well.

May the farm be with you… 🙂

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  • Steve Savage

    This clip may be amusing and it may be creative, but it is entirely misleading. The organic “resistance” is far from the underdog status implied in Store Wars. It has been experiencing double digit growth for several years and has entered the mainstream of production and marketing from Dole and Chiquita to Safeway and Costco. What is ironic is that many of these companies are members of the OTA and when I wrote to them to ask what they thought about the video they wrote back to say that they were very displeased. I also wrote to many of the more traditional organic product companies. Their response was even more ironic as most of them wrote back saying that their computers were unable to play the clip.

    Steve Savage
    (agricultural scientist)