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U.S. Preparing To Attack Iran – Says Russian Intelligence

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Not since 2003 has the U.S. military engaged in such a high level of buildup and readiness in the Persian Gulf. Could this be an indication that America is planning to attack Iran?

A top Russian security source thinks so. He claims the U.S. has built up forces at the border and they are becoming much more "active", stating that the U.S. is planning both air and ground attacks against Iran.

Col.-Gen. Leonid Ivashov of Moscow's Academy of Geopolitical Sciences said that the U.S. is planning a large scale air strike on Iran's military infrastructure shortly. The USS John C. Stennis, accompanied by eight support ships and four nuclear submarines, is heading for the Gulf. The USS Dwight D. Eisenhower has been there with similar support for over three months. The U.S. is also sending Patriot anti-missile systems to the Persian Gulf region.

The United Arab Emirates have stated that they will not allow their territory to be used in any assault or reconnaissance against Iran, while recently urging the West to continue using a "diplomatic" approach to the growing threat from Iran.

Iranian Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told the West recently that it would "respond" to any further pressure connected to its nuclear development, and reiterated the claim that Iranian nuclear development is strictly for "peaceful" purposes. "We have acted according to international norms [in the nuclear sphere] until recently, but if they [the West] take illegal measures, we will have a commensurate response," Khamenei said.

Meanwhile, the UN Security Council is drafting a new resolution incorporating more sanctions against Iran because it refuses to abide by previous resolutions.

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  • Brain eating Amoeba’s,. huh,.. Brains found in bags,.. (human experiments, like NAZI’s) Fake spy flies,. sounds like the SAME bag of crap, as the cold war, and we (my friends anyway) aren’t going to fall for it this time. Soldiers in Vietnam coming back with schizophrenia, huh? It is simple, it is microwave weapons, organized crime, and the cover-up with stupidity in the mainstream, and Hollywood propaganda for news. We are the internet generation, connected, global, innocent, smart, experts at digital forgery, able to recognize your real time scrambling of our views. We are not going to fall for the ONION for a main stream media, and Leonard Nemoy. We are supposed to depend on the media, for information. We have “audio spotlight” coming out in the commercial market, Epocot center, proving the ultrasound weapons that are being used on the innocent. The US is down economically, hatred toward the US is up from within, now is the perfect time to kick the US in the soft spot, and teach them to expunge the organized crime that is killing innocent children around the world in the name of your own “saftey”, as you are confused with spy flies and cheap 70’s style B-lies. “Don’t worry folks your all ok,.. your safe,.. National security,. National securtiy,… hire a military,..”. You expect to go to a cold war with Russia? You’ll be lucky if you don’t have Canada, China, Russia, the EU, Australia, and IRAN, and Israel all ready to say,. not this time. Were supposed to sit around and be tortured for BLOGS on the internet so you can fill up institutions and babble on about the lockness monster and deny ultrasound when we can go to Disney land and see it for ourselves? I’m sorry but you greatly underestimate the population’s intelligence, after all, you are killing the smart people right now so you can get away with your own crimes, muting opinions of those with the mouths. What are you going to say? They church of scientology is the most technologically advanced thing in the world? Better start killing LockHeed Martin employees. What is wrong with you? The government is a set of strict rules to be followed, and you are merely flesh and blood criminals, easily replaced. Out fathers fought hard against England in the civil war to make that constitution, and we did it because of criminals just like you. Hatred for this Hollywood freakshow is not going pass, Google will shove the constitution and you. The government and media are THE threat to the safety of the lives of Americans right now. Your mafia government is putting you at risk, anyone can see. But don’t worry,.. the lie is the exact opposite,. “All we care about is your safety”, you will learn REALLY soon how much we should trust our mafia government right now, just check Jolly Old England and see how much they stand up and love their president in times like this. Time is ticking,… do something before god saves the innocent little children. Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies Lies!!!!! This is OUR world,. For good people, who just want to survive, have some fun, and be happy. We will fight for our freedom. We are supposed to be evolving here, getting more intelligent and free. You are torturing smart people with bioelectromagnetic weapons in their own homes. Why do you need to use ultrasound to change people’s minds about your crimes. You call the Russians and Chinese the bad “Totalitariates” now. I don’t think we buy the communism thing any more, it’s just a social structure or whatever, none of our darn business really. Stick you brain eating amoebas right where the sun don’t shine Nemoy. You’re going to loose this one, and were are going to have real peace and freedom for a while.

  • MBD

    “Just because some Russian colonel general spreads disinformation does not mean that when his disinformation does not come true it is time to relax in the crapper…”

    The Russian colonel general didn’t spread the disinformation here.

    Others did.

    “When his disinformation does not come true it is time to relax in the crapper…”

    The ones who spread this crap here should relax in the crapper and then flush themselves down,

    This crap wasn’t worth one pixel.

  • Why are you guys so relieved? The American flotilla is still off the Persian Gulf and has not budged an inch. The possibilities for open conflict keep getting ratcheted up. The IDF has finally admitted that Hamas has the capability to hit strategic targets in Ashkelon, part of the soft underbelly of Israel’s industrial complex. If that happens, southern Israel will be seriously damaged.

    Just because some Russian colonel general spreads disinformation does not mean that when his disinformation does not come true it is time to relax in the crapper…

    Happy Easter, to those of you to whom this applies…

  • Avid

    English translation of an article appearing in German from RIA Novosti, April 6, 2007:

    Russian Expert: US Attack on Iran at the Earliest in May

    MOSCOW, April 6 (RIA Novosti). The USA can begin a military action against Iran at the earliest in May. Until then, the Pentagon will put the Middle-Eastern state under “information-psychological” pressure.

    This opinion was voiced on Friday by Anatoly Zyganok, chief of the Center for Military-Political Prognosis at the Russian Institute for Political and Military Analysis and member of the Defense Ministry’s Civil Council.

    The rumor circulated in the media that the US Air Force would attack Iran as early as April 6 has not proven to be true, concluded the expert in an interview with RIA Novosti. Zyganok presumed that it is a matter of targeted disinformation — not disseminated without the involvement of the Israeli secret service — with the goal of putting Iran under psychological pressure.

    Within the frame of the “intimidation campaign” against Tehran, several thousand Israeli police and members of the Israeli army practiced preventive measures in March for the case of an Iranian missile attack.

    “At the same time, the USA and Israel conducted a joint maneuver under the code name ‘Juniper Cobra’. American units took part with the ‘Patriot’ air defense missile system, the Israeli with the interception missiles ‘Arrow’. In this maneuver — for the first time — all European segments of the US missile defense system were used, those in Greenland, Norway and Great Britian”, reported Zyganok.

    According to his information, the USA is currently conducting a major operation against the Taliban — the largest since 2001 — which is being kept highly secret. As Zyganok expressed it, the Americans are deploying massive air forces in Afghanistan in order to minimize their losses.

    Only after the operation in Afghanistan is concluded can the Pentagon decide for an intervention in Iran, judged Zyganok. Until then, the USA wants, in addition, to eliminate — according to feasibility — radical groups in Iraq.

    Therefore, the war could begin only at the end of May, the expert said. According to sources in Tehran, the Iranian leadership reckons with no deployment of force whatsoever from the side of the USA until fall, if anything.

    German version.

  • troll


  • Clavos

    the day is over…

  • troll

    the day is young

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem

    Well folks, here we are – it’s Good Friday. It’s going on 09:00 in St. Paul and it is going on 17:00 here, and 18:00 in Baghdad. So far, there have been no reports of an American attack on Iran today – so much for the kernel generals in Russian intelligence.

    But that does not mean that an attack is not coming on Iran. I’d bet my bottom shekel on it. But I’m not putting out any dates. That stupid, I’m not.

    Shabbat Shalom,

  • moonraven

    At the moment things seem to be settling down between the UK and Iran.

    The Saudis may have pulled the big rabbit out of the hat at 5 minutes to midnight of the attack. I hope so. Abdalah is a bit more savvy about geopolitics that the previous playboy profligate.

  • Ruvy in Jerusalem


    This is not new news. You reported this in your headline, and in the article. None of us really knows what will happen.

    All I will say is that it is this time of year and around the holiday of Sukkot that we Jews expect “something” to happen. So for an example, the “first” Gulf War ended right before Purim (February, 1991) and the “second” Gulf War started immediately after Purim ended in 2003 with Americans declaring victory either right before or during PessaH, of that year.

    Both Purim and PessaH are holidays of liberation, rescue and redemption for Jews and for the other Children of Israel.

    If these events occur during your own holiday as well, nu? G-d likes to get a bang for His buck. The time of Rescue and Redemption is approaching, so I wonder.

    But what is for sure approaching is candle lighting, going to synagogue and then to a Seder to commemorate G-d’s strong Hand and outstretched Arm in rescuing my ancestors from slavery in Egypt.

    So I’ll be off the computer until Tuesday night.

    For my Jewish brothers and sisters out overseas, may you have a joyous and kosher PessaH,

    It is Hillúl Hashém (cursing G-d) to refuse to come to Israel to live if the possibility exists. And now it exists for ALL of us. There is no punishment without sin, and no sin without punishment. The way to avoid punishment is to rectify the sin of cursing G-d. That is why, no matter how hard it may be for those who come home later, they are always joyous upon their initial return. They have rectified an awful sin.

    So don’t forget what we always say at the end of the Seder: “NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM!”

  • Matt

    Looks like the Russians have set a date for the attack by America on Iran:

    The United States will be ready to launch a missile attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities as soon as early this month, perhaps “from 4 a.m. until 4 p.m. on April 6,” according to reports in the Russian media on Saturday.

    Happy easter!

  • MBD

    Arch Conservative likes to promote “massive infrastructure bombing”.

    Evidently Dr. Strangelove is alive amd well and his first name is Archie.

    Arch wants us to stop worrying and learn to love the bomb.

    I think Arch deserves to ride the bomb!

    Yee Haa!

  • sr

    Ruvy, you speak hot dog. Hebrew National’s are the best in the world. I use them for Chicago Style Hot Dogs. With a few Claussen pickle,s it,s better then a fine steak. Just do a search for Chicago Style Hot Dogs. Let us know what you think. What does this have to do with the subject matter? Not a thing.

  • moonraven

    Interesting synchronicity on a number of counts.

    But the first that entered my mind was the breakdown that Carl Jung suffered in 1913 in which he saw apocalyptic visions that appeared to prefigure both WWI and WWII.

    With the Christian Holy Week starting up tomorrow and the tensions rising between Iran and the US/UK I have been trying to get a friend to save his own life here at one of the Pacific Coast beaches of Mexico. It has been one step forward and two steps backward so I am putting him on a plane back to the States and leaving tomorrow as my own life is the one I am responsible for.

    A bit of a microcosmic relationship, maybe….

  • Marthe,

    Thank you. It was interesting indeed. I found a couple of interesting books that I looked at. I’ll relate what I found in one of them to you, as it has to do with this article indirectly, and as you can understand some of what was foreseen, based on your own people’s history of genocidal suffering at the hands of European settlers in the United States.

    In a book about the great Jewish scholar and rabbi, the Chafetz Chaim (R’ Yisrael Meir Kagan, z”l), R’ Moses M. Yoshor, the author, talks of his prophetic insight. After WWI most people wanted to believe that the world had been made “safe for democracy.” From his home in Radin, Poland, the Chafetz Chaim (a title of honor for R’ Kagan) foresaw a “final catastrophe, a holocaust that would occur after several decades.” He termed the peace of Versailles “the preface to the next war, which in its cruelty will be more dreadful than anything we have seen till now.”

    In the month of Nisan 5690 (April 1930), in the middle of a discourse he was giving about “the birth pangs” (severe tribulations) that must precede the advent of the messiah, he stopped, groaned deeply and, after a few moments of reflection, said, “A stormwind is coming. A dreadful holocaust is approaching; and in comparison with the conflict ahead of us, the world war we experienced a short while ago will be considered a plaything. You know nothing of it, but I – I see what will happen ten years from now.”

    This stormwind that the Chafetz Chaim foresaw was the murder of the vast majority of Europe’s Jews in a terrible war that killed far more than the 55 million who died in World War I.

    The chilling thing about all this is that it had been foretold in prophecy – just as I believe this coming war in the Middle East and elsewhere has been foretold in prophecy.

    The Chafetz Chaim quoted Amos 9:9: “and I shall shake the house of Israel among all the nations as one shakes with a sieve.” Only after this, does Amos predict the restored sovereignty of the people of Israel – “On that day I will raise the sukkah (booth, indicating royal house) of David that is fallen there…” [Amos9:11]

    Please note, Marthe, that Amos talks about the restored royal house of David, not this pathetic joke of a state we have now. G-d’s “day” is a little longer than yours or mine.

    At the end of the chapter, R’ Yoshor relates the story of the head of a yeshiva in Poland consulting with the Chafetz Chaim about his predictions three years later after Hitler had become reichskanzler in Germany. The head of the yeshiva asked the Chafetz Chaim if Hitler would succeed in eliminating the Jewish people. The Chafetz Chaim said, “we have a clear explicit statement in our Scripture: ‘If Esav (Esau) comes to the one camp and strikes it down, the other will escape.'” [B’reshit/Genesis 32:9] From this, the yeshiva head understood that not all the Jews would be killed off. Asking further, he inquired “If heaven forbid, this dire enemy of ours succeeds in exterminating the Jews of Europe – the largest part, in numbers and importance, of world Jewry – where will the other camp be that will escape?” The Chafetz Chaim answered, “This too is told us explicitly – in the words of a prophet: ‘But on Mt. Zion, there shall be those that escape, at it shall be holy.'” [Ovadia 1:17]

    Perhaps you understand why I quote the prophetic wisdom of my own people to you. It is to encourage you to seek out the prophetic wisdom of your own people – for they too, have a rich prophetic tradition, though it takes different forms, forms that you understand and can relate to better than I ever could try to.

    Shavua Tov, – have a good week.

  • Arch Conservative

    Massive infrastructure bombing in Saudi Arabia?”


    Bring it on.

    What then?

    Massive infrastructure bombing in Paris?

    As for Bush…. I voted for the guy and I’ll be the first to say he’s a fucking idiot.

    Still I’d take an idiot over an intelligient, scheming, conniving, commie like Kerry or Hillary any day!

  • MBD

    Re: GW’s IQ

    “The numbers MR references are part of an elaborate hoax generated several years ago. The source for the numbers, the researchers who supposedly developed the estimates and the scholarly journal their work appeared in do not exist. They are extensively debunked at urban legends site snopes.com”

    The fact that there was a hoax on the internet doesn’t change GW’s IQ one iota.

    If perception in politics is reality, the fact that the hoax was believed by many speaks for itself.

  • moonraven


  • moonraven

    Nalle´s cynical statement was a good example of what I had just posted about solks in the US.

    “Imposing peace”, committing genocide–it´s all the same to you folks.

    If I were conventionally religious–instead of a follower of the Buddha–I would predict that there will be a special ring of the Inferno for the followers of GWBush.

  • I think of myself as a peacemonger. After all, that’s what we’re doing in Iraq – trying to impose peace, right?


  • moonraven


    Hope you had a good Shabatt.

    Bush´s IQ is not the cause of his mean-spirited, dry-drunk approach to the world around him.

    But it’s an issue his cheerleaders on this site can try to use to distract other folks–to put all the cars off on the sidings and nothing going down the main track.

    The majority presence on this site–shamefully–is of the warmongering persuasion.

    So is a big chunk of the US people.

    They can act out through GWBush–kill other people, vent their racist rage through him.

    They will not admit he is damaged–emotionally, and intellectually as well as morally–because of what that would say about their use of him.

    In a certain perverse–and sad–sense, GWBush functions as the shaman of the US people.

    He is the shadowside of healing–the black hole of woundedness that the US wants to deny.

  • As with other things, Ruvy, it’s not how much you have, it’s what you do with it.


  • I wouldn’t waste my time worrying about Dubya’s IQ. My IQ was 129 when it was last tested, but I’m a hell of a lot smarter than the man who is president of your country.

    I would (and do) contemplate the possibilities of what could result from an American attack on Iran. It is not necessarily true that the Americans will attack on 6 April. The Russians are good at disinformation and the mere fact that a Russian colonel general says something will happen is no guarantee that it will.

    But it is evident that the Americans are up to something.

  • Clavos

    Again, not one shred of verifiable fact; just pure vituperation.

    Nothing but empty blather.

  • moonraven

    Right, Nalle and company–the guy is clearly a genius.

    If he looks bright to you (hell, there were pics of him DROOLING in the Monterrey Summit in 2004), then YOU are not bright.

    You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind’s blowing….

    Nor an IQ test applied to GWBush to know the attic is empty.

    He was, clearly, A Child Left Behind.

    And is spending his life making others pay for it.

  • You’re assuming that MR’s facts are correct; and assume is all you can do, since she offers no sources to back up her claim.

    Assuming MR’s facts to be correct would be a terrible mistake, as always. Every estimate of Bush’s IQ which has been done by experts in the field has estimated it in a range between 125 and 129 which I believe is high-normal.

    And unlike MR I can provide links to document the claim. This is a link to the definitive article on the subject, which references the work of several of the leading IQ experts and does a comprehensive analysis comparing Bush and Kerry’s IQs.

    The numbers MR references are part of an elaborate hoax generated several years ago. The source for the numbers,the researchers who supposedly developed the estimates and the scholarly journal their work appeared in do not exist. They are extensively debunked at urban legends site snopes.com.


  • Sisyphus

    “….Says Russian Intelligence”

    I trust Russian intelligence even less than U.S. intelligence, which is to say, I don’t.

  • STM

    Nah, daylight saving’s over Clav … it’s nearly 2am now and I finish at 2am so I’m buggering off soon. We do observe April fool’s day, of course. However, there are plenty of fools here who are doing knuckle-head stuff 365 days a year, so it doesn’t make that much difference 🙂

    I think I am the April fool for being the last bastard in the building except for the (Korean) contract cleaners.

  • Clavos


    Up rather late, aren’t we?

    It’s 2:15AM Sunday Down Under, innit?

    Do you observe April Fool’s Day in Oz?

  • Clavos

    G’day, mate,

    She appears to not like much of anything, judging from the comments she posts.

    I don’t pay much attention anymore. People who rant like that seldom have anything worthwhile to say.

  • STM

    Do you ever get the feeling MR doesn’t like us very much?? I can’t for the life of me work out why

  • Clavos


    You’re assuming that MR’s facts are correct; and assume is all you can do, since she offers no sources to back up her claim.

  • STM

    Moonrave wrote: “between 79 and 91 … dull normal.”

    I dunno Moonraven, if that’s true I’d reckon that’d really put him down the end of the not-too-bright category. It’s a worry.

  • moonraven

    George W. Bush’s IQ has been reported several times. What I have seen shows it to be somewhere between 79 and 91. Not exactly a moron, but dull normal.

    And considering the behavior offolks in the normal range these days–definitely dangerous.

  • MBD

    “And of course, George W. Bush goes to bed at night wishing he hadn’t invaded Iraq.”

    “He is not a complete idiot.”

    He is a complete moron.

    An idiot is an utterly foolish or senseless person; a person of the lowest order in a classification of mental retardation, having a mental age of less than three years old and an intelligence quotient under 25.

    A moron is a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment. In psychology, a moron is a person of borderline intelligence in a classification of mental retardation, having an intelligence quotient of 50 to 69.

    An idiot does not have enough sense to be able to mislead a country into a war based on lies, but a moron does.

  • Stan,

    Minnesota is a great place to live. The prices are cheaper than on either coast, and if you know where to look, you can get the good stuff from New York (like Drake’s cakes, Sbarro’s pizza, Breyer’s Ice Cream). And now you can get Hebrew National hot dogs, the best ever made anywhere on earth. In addition, there are loads of wonderful lakes up north to canoe in or fish in, great places to hunt, and you are not too far from Canada, where you get even better lakes and better places to hunt or fish.

    But there are sacrifices to be made. You can’t afford to care too much about being Jewish, you have to worry about your kids getting too involved with drinking parties (keggers). That’s just the local culture. Then there are the diseases of American culture, the fact that any perv can drive off and disappear with your young child into the sunset (and onto a milk carton), the instability of families, the drug problems, the violence and racial divisions. The drug problems, alcoholism and violence are starting to come here, thanks to American cultural influence, but it is a lot less of a problem.

    For all that, and in spite of the fact that I will always be a Brooklyn boy, I never felt AT HOME until we moved here.

    And now, to bring the subject round to the title, a lot of that home is under the shadow of an evil government in Jerusalem, and evil threat from the north, and from Iran.

  • STM

    Ruve: My close American friend, with whom I spent a lot of time as a kid in the middle-east, grew up in the Minneapolis/St Paul area although he now lives in rural Massachusetts. Minnesota sounds like really a nice place. However, his family is originally from Boston. I reckon his forbears were traitorous, duplicitous enemies of The Crown … because they never drink tea.

    I email him on July 4 to offer my condolences on the anniversary of his nation’s dreadful mistake in breaking away from the British Empire. Always goes down a treat, that one … 🙂

    I have dual citizenship too, and can also have Irish citizenship, but there doesn’t seem much point anymore with any European passport good enough anywhere in Europe. Although I lived there as a kid I have only been to the UK since on three occasions, and will likely not go back (it just seemed like a rite of passage in my 20s) but it’s a very handy thing, though, as you never know. It’s been a good passport to wave, except in the old Soviet Union during the last years of the cold war where they gave me a real good going over … including visa and passport photo comparisons under armed guard and a shadow in Moscow who I called Boris. Perhaps they were worried I’d drink the country’s beer supply dry. People think that stuff’s joke but I can tell you it was all fair-dinkum. They stand out like dog’s balls though and I even used to say “G,Day, Boris” at the subway station as I was getting on the train.

    I can’t vote of course as I’ve never been entitled and on the social-security front, I’m entitled to nothing from Her Majesty’s Government except its protection.

  • Stan,

    I do have dual citizenship. But we didn’t move to Israel until 2001. In fact, we moved there on 5 September, 2001. I got to watch the destruction of the World Trade Center on my 50th birthday, 11 September, on television from what was then the terror capital of the world.

    Neither my wife nor I voted in the 2004 presidential election because we had not voted in the 2002 gubernatorial elections in Minnesota. Voting in that election would have been required to maintain us as registered voters in Minnesota (you have to be registered to vote in some American jurisdiction to cast an ex-pat vote). Since we are not registered anymore as voters in Minnesota, we can’t really vote in American elections. Considering the idiots I see running for office (not to mention the Idiot-in-Chief in the White House!), not voting in American elections is a privilege of citizenship I do not miss.

    I get only two benefits from American citizenship. One is that I do not have to wait for a visa to visit should the desire to do such a stupid thing overtake me. The other is that as a citizen, the Social Security Administration cannot cut off my pension benefits that easily. Of course, there is no reason to assume that by the time I get to collect, the SSA will still be in business…

    So really all I get from my American citizenship is the opportunity to say “civitas Americanus est”.

    Oh, and I get to brute it about on this list…

  • STM

    Do you have dual citizenship Ruve? A good thing, if so.

  • I’d much rather that we stuck to the issue here, but I’ll note for posteriority (this is not important enough for posterity) that I voted for Gore in 2000 because I thought Bush was too stupid to be president.

    I’ve been proven right – over and over again.

  • STM

    “He is not a complete idiot.”

    Lol. Are you certain about that??? Any president who publicly talks about the US and Japan enjoying a cosy, 150-year relationship should be sent back to school for history lessons. I wonder what his Pacific-war veteran Dad thought? Yes, I know people can have little slips of the tongue, but as the president of the free world, you’d be hoping he wouldn’t have any little slips while talking to the people who fire up the IBMs.

  • MBD

    “Poor choice of analogies. At the end of that story the little engine that could, did.”


    The little engine did.

    But at this point in the story, what did the little engine do and not do?

    He did find there were no WMD’s.

    He did not “accomplish the mission” as he bannered on the aircraft carrier flight deck while decked out in his flight suit in May, 2003.

    He did change his objective for his war several times.

    He did get rid of Baath party members, only to try to get them back later when it was determined to have been a mistake.

    He did not get most Sunnis to vote in an election, thereby fueling sectarian violence.

    He did learn that the Shia and the Sunnis want to kill each other in their centuries old blood feud.

    He did learn that IED’s can be as deadly as any other bombs.

    He did learn that by color-coding a zone as “green”, some of our troops could be protected.

    He did learn that his miscalculations would cause the deaths of thousands of American soldiers.

    He did learn that his miscalculations would result in the serious maiming of tens of thousands more American soldiers.

    He did learn that the medical care of the unexpected tens of thousands of maimed soldiers would overwhelm the facilities in this country trying to care for them.

    He did learn that he would kill more Iraqis in four years than Saddam did in the prior four years.

    He did learn that torture doesn’t sit well with most of the world.

    He did learn that the world still respects the Geneva Accords against torture.

    He did learn that in bringing “democracy” to Iraq, he would instead bring devastation.

    He did learn that in order to function Iraq needs water, electricity, and other utilities and amenities.

    He did learn that the cost of his little war would balloon to hundreds of billions of dollars.

    He did learn that the cost of replenishing worn and damaged military equipment would cost additional hundreds of billions of dollars.

    He did learn that in trying to fight the “terrorists” in Iraq, he would invite many more into the fold.

    He did learn that bin Laden is not in Iraq.

    He did learn that it’s easy to start a war, but very difficult to stop one.

    He did learn that the US cannot conduct a war for very long without the support of the American people.

    The little engine did learn that real “shock and awe” would come in the 2006 Congressional elections.

    And that’s the rest of the story.

    And of course, George W. Bush goes to bed at night wishing he hadn’t invaded Iraq.

    He is not a complete idiot.

  • STM

    MBD: I bet George W. Bush doesn’t go to bed at night wishing he hadn’t invaded Iraq. I bet the 95 per cent of the Iraqi population who hated Saddam and aren’t out there cracking off AK47s and IEDs aren’t, either. That’s the real other side of the story, BTW. As Dave says, the little engine that could, did – and that’s that. Whether any of the rest of us likes the outcome or not, it’s done.

  • Poor choice of analogies. At the end of that story the little engine that could, did.


  • MBD

    A 20th Century prophecy that is coming true.

    This is a [modified] story which appeared in a 1910 publication by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

    Its text read:

    A little railroad engine [George W. Bush], previously employed about a station yard for such work as it was built for — pulling a few cars on and off the switches [being governor of Texas].

    One morning it was waiting for the next call when a long train of freight-cars [Israel, AIPAC and the Christian Zionists] asked a large engine in the roundhouse [George H.W. Bush] to take it over the hill [invade Iraq]. “I can’t; that is too much a pull for me,” said the engine built for hard work.

    Then the train asked another engine [Bill Clinton], and another, and another [competent U.S. Generals], only to hear why it could not be done, and be refused. At last in desperation the train asked the little switch engine to draw it up the grade and down on the other side. “I think I can,” puffed the little locomotive, and put itself in front of the long train. As it went on the little engine kept bravely puffing faster and faster, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.”

    Then as it approached the steepest part of the grade, that had so discouraged the larger engines, it went more slowly, but still kept saying, “I–think–I–can, I–think–I–can.”

    No one could tell how long he would keep puffing and saying this.

    Moral of the story:

    To think of hard things and keep saying, “I think I can” and then not succeed can mean disaster. A wise rule is that when you foolishly insist on saying, “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can,” is to later being required to say, “I wish I hadn’t, “I wish I hadn’t. “I wish I hadn’t…

  • STM

    Matt: said: “I doubt the Brits have the balls to go in to get their people back.”

    Then you really don’t know much about the Brits … they have carried out plenty of hostage rescue missions in the past. They have the benchmark special forces unit … the one that others measure themselves against, including Delta Force, which modelled itself on the SAS after its founder, Charlie Beckwith, spent time with the Brits on an exchange program.

    The last rescue I can think of was a few years back when some members of the Royal Irish on UN duty were taken hostage in Sierra Leone and were rescued by the SAS and the Parachute Regiment.

    Then there was the Iranian embassy siege in London, also the SAS … beamed live to a worldwide audience as they stormed the building. Remember that? Oh, and the massive task force sent to liberate the Falklands Islands in 1982. You must remember that.

    If they have to mount a rescue mission they will, but I suspect they’ll prefer not to set off a major conflict. The last time it happened, the Iranians released the sailors pretty quickly. But if they have to, they will – don’t doubt it and don’t undersestimate their ability or their resolve.

    As for the rest of this, the US won’t be attacking Iran any time soon. No one is that stupid, even the dopes giving advice to the President in this whole sorry mess.

  • MBD

    “Massive infrastructure bombing in Saudi Arabia?”


    Bring it on.

    What then?

  • ScooterClavos

    Bush doesn’t have anyone to send to Iran since he’s busied the US Army acting as targets of opportunity for insurgents in Iraq. But he’s got to create a crisis in the minds of US citizens and congressmen so they’ll give him more authority, money and troops. Then he can deploy that bounty to Iraq while saying it’s for Iran. Just like the Afghanistan to Iraq bankshot. Well, it worked before, so why not use that ploy again?

  • moonraven


    Actually I may have to go up to the States in about 3 weeks for a Navajo healing ceremony that is part of the Radical Forgiveness program.

    At this point, the US will either attack Iran–on Good Friday or another date–or they won’t.

    I have to go back to Gramsci’s advice: Proceed with pessimism of the intellect and optimism of the will.

  • Arch Conservative

    “As for a US attack on Iran, I’m not sure we’re looking at an actual invasion. We might be talking about massive infrastructure bombing.”


    Bring it on.

    What then?”

    Massive infrastructure bombing in Saudi Arabia?

  • Matt,

    Monolithic does not mean unbending. It means “all as one”. What I wish to get clear to you is that there are several competing visions for what Israel should be and those visions not only do not coincide but are on a collision course. The crash is due rather soon…

  • Matt

    Ruvy, I absolutely do not see them as monolithic.

    I’ve seen Israel bend (very easily at times) to the will of these thugs. It saddens me.

    What they did with Hezbollah really stands out in my eyes and in a deep, dark way I applaud them for it.

    Again, I doubt they’ll have to worry about hostages being taken for a while. Or at least I hope.

  • Matt,

    “Notice how Israel hasn’t had any hostages taken lately?”

    I suggest that you not look at Israel as a monolithic entity. It is as realistic as looking at the United States or Iran as a monolithic entity.

    Just a thought.

  • Marthe,

    On another thread, my own article, I believe, we discussed the Hopi and Mayan Long Cycle – you called it by a different name – and I mentioned to you about campfires in the States with Indians in various tribes predicting disaster. That is more your culture than mine, and you understand it far far better than I ever will.

    I suggest that you check some of this stuff out even if your inclination is not to believe in it. But, whatever you do, try not to go to the States yourself if you can avoid it. Try and do it indirectly. Prophecy is the kind of thing that gets spread around, and there is no reason that American Indians shouldn’t be given some idea of what is going on by the Divine Spirit.

  • moonraven



    I am not going to go back to Bahrain until this situation is resolved. I am telling friends (expats anyway) there to go back to home countries.

    I will be doing consulting gigs in Latin America until fall–but then may well go to Lebanon for one.

  • steve

    …just another conspiracy theory pissing in the wind to create fear of further world war against islamo-fascism. what do the russians know anyways? they are in bed w/ Iran

  • Matt

    Personally, I doubt we (the USA) will be the first to go in, unless directly attacked by Iran. They’ve already indirectly attacked us several times, but I guess we’re simply ignoring that in the name of political correctness.

    I doubt the Brits have the balls to go in to get their people back. If it were me, I’d have some special forces in there to get them out without any full scale invasion and without any large scale bombing. Just in to get them and back out again.

    Notice how Israel hasn’t had any hostages taken lately? Even though they still haven’t got the two back which caused the bombing of half of Lebanon, they clearly sent a message that if you’re going to take hostages, you’re going to get the crap bombed out of you. I’m thinking Iran is just as afraid of Israel as the Brits are afraid of Iran.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  • MBD

    “As for a US attack on Iran, I’m not sure we’re looking at an actual invasion. We might be talking about massive infrastructure bombing.”


    Bring it on.

    What then?

  • Ruvy, Iran is already selling its oil in Euros and I don’t see evidence of anyone else joining them any time soon.


  • Marthe,

    I believe I remember you mentioning that you were soon off to this neck of the woods on a consulting contract. I would suggest to you that you be very careful. This may not be the nicest place to be if real hostilities break out. I know this will sound ironic to you, but in the event of a major war, the safest place a person probably could be is here in Judea and Samaria – where I am.

    This part of the world abounds in irony…

  • This story from the Pakistan Daily Times, quoted from When Your Friends Desert You may give a good idea as to why the Americans are planning an attack, if indeed they are. A massive move away from the dollar could bankrupt the banking and oil elites who run the States.

  • moonraven

    I can tell you a bit of on the ground information, as I was in Bahrain until December 23–where the US fleet is based in the Persian Gulf (three blocks from where I was living).

    The first week in December the base’s personnel doubled. It was not because the Navy folks all wanted to take Christmas vacations in Bahrain.

    I decided to leave, as Bahrain is a series of islands joined by bridges–and with a long bridge to Saudi which if I remember correctly was largely paid for by the Sausdis so they could close it under crisis situations.

    Choosing Good Friday for a nuclear strike sounds very fundamentalist to me….

  • Matt

    Crap. Nice catch, Kij. Typo. I’ll try to get it changed to Iran. Thanks.

  • Kij

    Matt – your last paragraph:

    “Meanwhile, the UN Security Council is drafting a new resolution incorporating more sanctions against Iraq because it refuses to abide by previous resolutions.”

    Iraq? I know, habit, 2003 all over again and everything… but unless you’re being ironic, let’s be sure of that last letter of the nation’s name.

  • Matt,

    Thank you for the kind regards. The Hebrew sites of any Israeli media usually have details in there that the Israelis do not want English speakers to know about. If you subscribe to IMRA, published by Dr. Aaron Lerner, you will often see where Ha’aretz purposely deletes items from its English editions. The Hebrew press and media is very biased in its coverage, for the most part, and it takes rocket therapy to knock a sense of reality into it.

    As for your friend here, count the small blessings. At the time, HizbAllah had nail filled rockets. If one landed a few meters from his house, it did not damage anything but what it landed on. Missiles, with guidance systems and serious explosives are a whole different kettle of fish.

    With G-d’s help, we’ll get through all this. But nobody has launched anything yet, and brinksmanship is normal for this part of the world.

    I commend you to the Book of Daniel [11:40-41]. It’s words are appropriate to this situation.

  • They already declared they wouldn’t release the woman hostage because the Brits weren’t being cooperative enough.

    As for a US attack on Iran, I’m not sure we’re looking at an actual invasion. We might be talking about massive infrastructure bombing.


  • Matt

    Looks like a couple hours ago, AP released this, stating if the Brits do anything about the hostages, they may not release the woman.

    Iran may delay the release of the female British sailor if Britain takes the issue to the U.N. Security Council or freezes relations, the country’s top negotiator Ali Larijani said Thursday.

    We will soon see how much fortitude the Brits have left.

  • Matt

    Ruvy, God speed to you.

    I have an e-friend that lives in Israel (name’s Iskandar), and in the last battle with Hezbollah, he had rockets land within ~10 meters of his house. How unlucky do you have to be to have one of those rockets come that close to you?

    I spend a bit of time on Debka, they’re usually on top of things there. I don’t read Hebrew, nor do I have a translator. How much different is the English site compared to the Hebrew site?


  • I guess the link for the Hebrew site of Debkafiles didn’t get through the first time. Do you read Hebrew, Matt?

  • Matt,

    I went to Debkafiles to check out what the backdoor Mossad boys had to say. mentioned a 6 April strike date in the headline. The English site did not. But it was mentioned in the first paragraph or so…

    I suggest that things are a tad more complex than they look, but it is very clear that the American battle groups are not there for a view of the Persian Gulf…

    If Russian intelligence is right (a big if), then Tel Aviv and Haifa should be getting hit with missiles before PessaH ends… Those “poor Palestinians” in Gaza already have the capability to knock out the massive generators of Israel Electric in Ashkelon.

    Should be a very interesting holiday. If I’m knocked off-line, then you’ll know that my power comes from Ashkelon…