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US bans timed-honored typeface

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In a sign that no matter is too small to affect international diplomacy, the US State Department has issued an edict banning its longtime standard typeface from all official correspondence and replacing it with a “more modern” font.

In an internal memorandum distributed on Wednesday, the department declared “Courier New 12” – the font and size decreed for US diplomatic documents for years – to be obsolete and unacceptable after February 1.

“In response to many requests and with a view to making our written work easier to read, we are moving to a new standard font: ‘Times New Roman 14’,” said the memorandum.

Source: ABC News Online

I can’t believe they used Courier! That is so unreadable.

Originally posted on Breaking Windows.

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  • So they’re finally getting out of the typewriter age, nice.

    Times isn’t much better though, and 14, that’s pretty big (although it’s probably about the same size in comparison to Courier New 12). Times 12 has been the standard throughout all of my academic life, so I don’t get where the US State Department has been all these years.