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Urgent Correction to the Morning Edition

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Pentagon officials initially declaring that deposed Iraqi president Saddam Hussein has been captured are now indicating that what they first thought was the former Iraqi leader is in reality a Gulfstream V misidentified by an RAF pilot.

Seriously, have you seen the pictures? Now, we all thought he dyed his hair that youthful dark black. Looks like he doesn’t dye his hair, after all: it really is, more or less, still naturally that dark. I don’t know about you but that to me is the greatest shocker of the whole escapade. No Grecian Formula for him. Will wonders never cease?

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  • san

    Barger, you can always be counted on to insinuate a right-wing diatribe into anything, can’t you?

    And which joke wasn’t funny? The bit about his hair or the bit about the Gulfstream V?

    Remember, he of the swarthy complection and dark tresses was once our ally. So let’s make that 1 MILLION people; we can take some credit for the other half.

    It’s a wheel in perpetual motion. Doesn’t stop, just goes round and round.

  • After decades of oppression, including the deaths of perhaps 2 MILLION people, we finally catch this rat- and your best response is some crack about his hair color.

    I dig a joke, but this post seems to betray the utter not-seriousness of your particular liberal outlook. You seem to treat this like it’s just another entertainment story, something on the order of another silly meaningless celebrity drug bust.

    Plus, the joke’s not really even funny.