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Updated: Salon had a piece on the long genesis of Peter Gabriel‘s new album, Up which is also available as a 14 day trial download either in stereo or 5.1 surround sound through October 1st. Starting on that date, you’ll be able to buy the download for $10 (the CD lists for $19).
Unfortunately, the version of Windows Media Player you need doesn’t work with Windows 95. A fan has a detailed chronology.

It still isn’t easy to find the downloading info. There currently aren’t links to the download from either the Peter Gabriel site or Windowsmedia.com. And there are restrictions on the use of the download if you buy it as an AP story notes:

The downloaded songs can be transferred to digital audio players supporting Microsoft’s WMA format, or the tracks can be burned up to two times to blank CDs. Gabriel fans looking to make various compilations from the songs would be limited to those two burning sessions.

The surround-sound downloads come with one fairly major limitation as well.

“They’ll only work on your computer,” Cullen said. That means consumers won’t be able to enjoy them on a second computer or traditional CD stereo player.

You’re probably better off buying the CD on sale and ripping it without restrictions.

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