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UPDATED: New Movie Releases: 2/25/05

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Not much to report entering into Oscar weekend, there are only a handful of new releases to look at.

Cursed. Another in a long line of PG-13 horror film. The only things that give me hope to this lates vampire flick is that it stars Christina Ricci and it is directed by Wes Craven. There is hope, it’s slim, but it’s there.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman. I am completely unfamiliar with this film, but I remember seeing a trailer and liking how it was designed, but upon seeing the trailer, I wasn’t terribly impressed.

Man of the House. Tommy Lee Jones stars as an irritable Texas Ranger who must protect a group of cheerleaders who witnessed a murder. This has “Blockbuster” written all over it. May be an OK diversion, but definitely not memorable.

Born into Brothels. I definitely want to see this documentary, which is also nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar. It is about a filmmaker who tries to help children born in sex houses in Calcutta. It looks to be fascinating, especially her using cameras given to the children to get a new perspective on their lives.

The Hunter & the Hunted. A Japanese film about a long running feud between a police chief and a thief. It sounds like a story I’ve seen before, but it is said to be an excellent work. It only has one showing, hopefully I will make it.

I just found that the following is also opening near me:

A Very Long Engagement. To say I have been anticipating this film would be an understatement. It reunites Audrey Tautou and directore Jean-Pierre Jeunet for this epic romance/WWI film. I have heard so many good things about it, and now I will finally get to see it.

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