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Update on Skeoch’s progess…

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…TESLA guitarist Tommy Skeoch is currently taking some time off from the band to seek treatment for addiction. While on the road in support of their latest release, Into The Now (out now through Sanctuary), Skeoch has been temporarily replaced by Scott Johnson. The Fuze recently spoke to Tesla vocalist Jeff Keith for an update on the band’s tour, and the state of guitarist Skeoch. About Skeoch’s current status, Keith says that “He’s doing good, man. I talked to him a few days ago. He’s there to use it as a tool, to get some help and learn how to deal with it so he can find a system that works for him – you know, as well as you can do in a place like that. Has it taken the wind out of your sails? “Well, sure it takes the wind out of our sails. But at the same time we’ve got to keep that sailboat going. Because we can’t count on if he’s ever gonna come back to man his sail. ” In our hearts, we’re hoping he does the right thing, and that’s to get his butt back here, ya know?”

Its a shame to see Skeoch having problems with his demons but it is nice that the band is behind him in his battle with addiction. I have met the band several times and unlike many, they always seem to act like a group of mates who happen to be in a band. This bit of rock & roll excess news comes via Hard News.

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  • Kristine

    Hey Marty just wanted to give you a heads up if you didn’t know Tommy is back with Tesla. He’s out of rehab & is doing great!! He’ll be joining them in a week I believe. Thanks!!