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Okay guys, I can see that I am going to have to do the education on things not vanilla once again. There is no debate as to if Janet had a “tassle” or “pasties”. The answer is none of the above. What she was actually wearing was a “nipple shield”. She has stated in the past that she has various body piercings, nipples being one of the many. In this case, the only way to really keep nipple sheilds in place is with some sort of ring.

Don’t believe me? Let’s expand the photo in Photoshop (don’t you love investigatvie reports?)

In this photo, I have cropped an mangified the area in question. I then sharpened it a bit. As you can clearly see, that is a nipple shield (and a nice one at that!). Her nipple can be clearly seen in this shot.

Nipshields can come in many styles. You might want to check this link out if you would like one yourself:


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  • dang, you learn something new every day.

    first, ayn rand is the most important philosopher or the 20th century…and now this.

  • Drakkus

    This moment could have been a LOT worse than a costume “malfunction”. Imagine if her boobs were as fake as her brother’s nose……

    It would have popped right off! 🙂

  • Eric Olsen

    Vic, you rule! How totally cool is your Ms. Tech ability!


    I need to get me set of those. Shields, I mean.

    I wonder if the will rub uncomfortably under my t-shirt…hmmmm, one can only hope.

  • buggy d

    Great, now I get to see Janet’s boobs plus get an education on body piercing and all its accouterments. My penalty for watching the “Stupid Bowl.” Next year I will just watch the Discovery channel.

  • Well, I told you they had hairy elephant cock getting jerked off on PBS at the same time for the sake of science and education. It was very touching, actually. I cried.


  • anonymous

    The most boring, can’t-catch-the-words-to the music, half-time Superbowl I’ve ever seen; should’ve turned the channel. Never should MTV be hired again!

  • Linda

    Desperate for entertainment these days, aren’t we??

  • Actually, no. The elephant thing was really good and had a happy ending. It made me cry because it was very touching and made one think.

  • el-jefe

    Justin Timberlake intentionally grabs Ms. Jacksons boob and pulls at it ripping off the “boob cover”. Looks like sexual harassment in the work place to me, or that it was planned. and why didn’t she “cover up” afterwards? hmmmmmm…

  • OK Victoria- Ya got me on this. I did not spend enough time blowing up and analyzing exactly what was going on at the end of Janet Jackson’s titty.

    “Nipple shield” doesn’t really mean much to me as a phrase- not ever having heard of such a thing before. Also, the nipple seems to be showing, and thus not SHIELDED. How far off from proper would I be to simply describe the accoutrement as a “nipple ring?”

  • skitzoart

    rock and shock ? so whats the big deal. it’s just a boob!

  • Al,

    Way off if you said “nipple ring”. Anyone who is into body mods would assume just a nipple ring, a barbell, or a doorhanger. A sheild is more specific. Then we know it encircles the whole nipple as well as has some sort of ring to keep it in place.

    I have heard of nipple shields being held in place with “o” rings. That is more of an S&M thing, however.

  • mike

    Friend told me that with the added weight of nipple shields they just make breasts sag more – BOY she must wear em a lot – she is saggin already – ROFL

  • I thought that was the best part of the whole halftime. Well, the only part that was slightly entertaining, anyway. It most certainly appeared planned…. Of course with the age difference, maybe Justin was just getting hungry…..

  • Lee Bartholomew

    I don’t think they are sagging. lol, She’s got a wire shoving her tit up. Either way. She’s pretty damn hot at 37. Might have to get this new album of hers.

    As for whether it was intentional ornot. I’m thinking not. Though I think Justin intended to rip it off. I think that’s obvious.

    Guess it’s a wait and see.

  • Cyber Bum

    Why are we as Americans so hung up on nudity. And sex. And drug use. And religion. And homosexuality. We are self-destructing as a society, and I’m glad I am watching from the outside, not the inside of this mess of humanity that we call ‘American Society’. It’s no wonder that the rest of the world laughs their asses off at us.

    What a great country we live in. 🙁

  • Ms. Tek,

    I also watched (stunned, and with mild amusement) the elephant hand job. Actually, it was the reaction of the veterinary team that made me chuckle. A room full of people, overjoyed by a bag of elephant sperm…

    The reunion of long separated friends was genuinely touching. I had no idea elephants could be so affectionate, or remember one another so well, after more than two decades apart. I’ll take that over a cheesy, “shocking” publicity stunt any day.

  • Sh0ck3d

    I thought it was pretty entertaining and a definite shocker. I think it was probably A) A pubilicity stunt focusing on Miss Jackson’s sexuality — a big underlying driver of her up-and-coming album or B) Justin was supposed to rip off only the outer leather cover, and was supposed to leave the thin red bra underneath (based on what MTV/CBS had to say about an undergarment that was supposed to be there).

    Either way, not bad! I think that overall the halftime show was completely overdone and I would have rather seen someone from the show Jackass setting himself on fire or the like (Maybe next year?).

  • Adam Rumpke

    Breasts at the Super Bowl and Elephant Masterbation in a blog … Another reason for Al-Quida to hate America.

  • I’m starting to believe that it was an accident. When I saw the “shield”, I thought it was a pasty, but clearly it’s not. Here’s the full resolution video, for those who missed it:

    Janet Jackson Oops video!

    That certainly fits into the oops video category, I’d say. The claim is that there was some sort of sheer material that was supposed to be there, but which tore away. I guess the FCC will work that bit out.

    Save us from our prudish selves, egh?


  • joe flabeets

    the best part about tits is that you 2 of them

  • Dew

    I’m sure this has been said, but it seems like it was an accident. The rip was intentional the boob was not. Justin was only supposed to rip the black bustier and leave the red bra sparklin’. As we know he ripped too much.

  • Morgan

    I agree that if our society wasn’t so backwards, this would be no big deal. We are taught that sex and nudity are bad. If we’d get our heads out of our asses and teach the young that they should be proud of their bodies and sexuality we’d probably end up with alot less rape and violent (sex related) crime.

  • Name Anonymous

    I heard the red lace covering was supposed to remain when Justin ripped that part of her outfit off (see how on the other side in the picture, there is red lace under the top. That’s what her spokeswoman says. And look at their reaction in the animation – it’s very likely that the red thing was not supposed to come off and that surprised them and that’s why they called it an accident/malfunction.

    Either way, it’s NOT A BIG DEAL! Get over it. Britney is NAKED in her new video, and Lil Kim has done the exact same thing. Nothing new people!

  • Jules

    I’m a little surprised that the FCC and NFL are so upset by this…why aren’t they upset by the lingerie bowl or the beer commercials with the women wrestling in the fountain? THAT isn’t pandering to pruriant interests? How about Howard Stern’s TV show? And elephant masturbation? On tv? That is not offensive programming?
    I guess I just don’t understand their standards. I, personally, have been offended by the last 7 seasons of the show “Friends”. Why doesn’t the FCC fine NBC for all the bad jokes and lame acting on that show? Why not fine American networks for stealing show formats from British TV shows? The American show “Coupling”? The producers of that piffle should be fined and banned from making another show, ever. Do we really need ANOTHER spin off of CSI??? That is more offensive than seeing a little more of Janet “Miss Jackson if you’re nasty” than we are accustomed to seeing.

  • Phantom

    The ugly thing the Jackson family does to divert the attention away from child molesters.
    The sad thing is that America continues so conservative and does not grow up….Get over sexual repressions!! This act wouldn’t be anything in Europe…
    Just like Morgan expressed previously: IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL!!,

  • Shirley Ewinge

    It was a clearly a mistake. Grow up.The man streaking was what they should have been tending to. They know he have a habit of doing it. Why not bar him from attenging the games.Also take girls behaving badly off tv. Queer men shows.Whats up.

  • lordspawn

    NICE TIT-But what’s the big deal? It was basically a pasty and you really couldn’t see much-so what her breast was exposed but the nipple and areolas wern’t and thats what makes the difference between obscene and not.If any of you remember a few years back…Sable frome the WWE had a bikini contest in which she only wore hand print pasties as her bikini top-no one bitched about that!!!and besides by the time we’re all 7 we know what “Boobs” are, and want to see and or squeeze them! To the World-LIGHTEN UP, IT’S JUST A BOOB-You all dont bitch when a woman breast feeds in public, but you will if she’s got jewelry on her tit? Give me a break!!!

  • jenna

    got choclate milk:P?

  • Brian Enright

    I’m reminded of a song by Don Henley….GET OVER IT!!! My god…I am so sick and tired of these pantywiast people saying how,”Oh,my god!My child was watching that!There has to be something done to remove all of this perversity on our nations airways!!”Jesus H. Christ!! The entire world is laughing at us and I completely agree! With a reaction like this we deserve to be laughed at! It lasted all of one tenth of a second seemingly and poor Janet Jackson is now going to be put through the ringer because of all the controling,better -than-thou,pantywaist,our way is the only way,power-hungry,lying christian…so called moral majority. I wish somebody would tell me what the hell moral majority means! Does it mean that they can do whatever they want,go to church and confess and everything is ok again?! Good god,GROW UP,LET US HAVE A LITTLE FUN,STOP TRYING TO SHOVE YOUR CHRISTIAN CRAP DOWN OUR THROATS AND MIND YOUR OWN GODDAMN BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!

  • Terry

    I have seen a lot of breast in my time, that is one of the best titties I’ve ever seen!!! Thank you Janet!!!

  • john sabo

    first time on your website, what is gopin on? half of page is cut off on rigth and left sides, with other tan box of writing cant read most of website? but as far janet goes , i cannot believe there making such a big deal and from your blow up , taht does not look like her nipple showing? are you sure that is same guard she was wearing? looks like the one she was wearing had something in middle? does not look like her nipple! and that is my stance on nudity, gotta see nip and i cant see it

  • john sabo

    my bad , i seen it blown up more, i can see nip ya!!

  • ReD

    Im sorry Ms.Jackson, your boobs are fo’ realllllll

    Ms. Jackson, better get a push-up bra sometime, those monsters are saggin

  • Some close up pics of the great tit here:

  • Eric Olsen

    actually, there aren’t

  • It might have been an accident or not, but it was NOT RIGHT for prime time airing or the Superbowl half time. Maybe for cable or the MTV brain dead, but I would like to see a Class Action against the FCC, Janet, CBS and ect. The has to stop!!!

  • gregory

    This is for anyone who thinks janet’s breast sag…THEY DON’T.THEY DON’T THEY DON’T. THEY ARE NATURAL AND BEAUTIFUL. look at the photos from all angles very nice breast.

  • Shon Jones

    Janet Jackson Big Oops!

    As you know Janet Jackson had something happened to her that you would probably consider so terrible. But if you think about it it’s not, it could have happen to almost anyone. Janet Jackson was at the Super bowl with Justin Timberlake performing at half time. Then Justin accidentally tore her blouse. As you know her breast where exposed. Oh my goodness, now the whole world goes crazy. I saw a breast for the first time in my life. Im so excited, can I see it again. Pleeeeeease! People in this world just take some things so personal. They need to get a life and find something better to do than ruin other peoples life because they think that it’s such a big idea. I mean most of these people just want to ruin other people life just because they can’t have what they have. Can’t they find something else to do? They act like they’re so innocent and they never made a mistake. Open your eyes everyone makes mistakes and people need to learn to mind there business and forgive the mistakes that are made. Mr. Paul Ryan man forget you just hate’n cause you want tot be like Michael. And dawg why you diss’n Janet’s boob whats hers is whats hers. Nah, it’s probably because you want her to respond so she can tell you where she supposedly got hers done. And the hell with you dawg, word to ya mother.

  • Ronald Cline

    People need to leave her along to me she is one of the most beautiful flowers ever, And that comes from the hart.

  • Luke

    why is this a big deal, so Janet did something naughty, who cares?

  • grahamprie

    Well – it’s a couple of years ago now, but people still keep getting the details wrong…

    Janet has never made it a secret that her nipples are pierced, and on the night in question she was wearing a sunburst nipple shield made of polished stainless steel, held in place with a barbell through the piercing. ( She was probably wearing one on the other side as well ).

    Some shields have holes in the sides for the barbell, but this one doesn’t appear to be that type.

    These shields weigh about an ounce, so they have a negligible effect on the droop of the breast, even if worn all the time.

    The bigger effect is that the ‘rays’ of the sunburst are angled backwards, to press on the surface of the areola and push the nipple forward.

    The piercing is typically done flush with the areola, so with this type of shield, the nipple is pulled through the shield so the barbell sits on the front.

    The centre of the shield is usually at least 1/4 inch thick, so the areola is pulled forward into the hole in the middle and the entire nipple sticks out of the front.

    Some shields even have raised sides to make this effect even greater.

    The tension tends to make the nipple aroused all the time, which makes it even more prominent, and can cause it to grow larger, just like happens during prolonged breast-feeding, but this is normally done for effect, like under a see-thru blouse, not worn all the time.

    Wearing this type of shield when it is squashed under tight clothes isn’t good – I’d imagine Janet was less than comfortable with the top of the costume in place.

    Her generally strenuous dance routines would tend to cause a lot of friction on the nipple, making it sore, but she admits to performing better when she’s aroused – that’s why she also has her clitoris pierced.

    The nipple doesn’t look too prominent in the picture we saw, but two minutes later, with the pressure removed, I’ll bet it grew to at least double that size. ( I’d have liked to see it properly ).

    I’m ambivalent about the morality issue – I don’t think anyone will have been corrupted by the brief glimpse of a decorated nipple – after all, how many people recognised what she was wearing?

    I say good luck to Janet – she seems to have been badly affected by the whole episode, and all the negative aspects of her brother’s problems. Let’s all hope she can put it behind her and get back to making good music.

    OK, I admit I always thought she was a foxy chick, even though I’m old enough to be her father…

  • Brandon

    Well, obviously it is a big deal….in America.

    Ironically, I agree with almost every post in here. America has a FUCKED UP society. In Europe, she would have had to “accidentally” done a lot more than that for anyone to even care.

    This country is full of stuck-up, conservative snobs and I hope things change. So, sadly, it is a big deal.

  • extremething

    can i touch that nipple 😉