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Upcoming ‘Star Trek’ Convention in Seattle: Not Just for Nerds

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The last time I mentioned going to a Star Trek convention to a friend, his response was, “Were you Star Trek Con Posterthe only girl there?” I wasn’t, but that is a common perception of Trek cons. If you’ve ever thought about attending but were afraid you’d be surrounded by a bunch of nerds who crawled out of their parents’ basement just for this, you needn’t worry. All kinds of people go to Star Trek and other sci-fi based conventions, and yes, there are plenty of girls there. When Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention returns to Seattle for the weekend of August 24-25, it will be my third time attending. I’ve never donned a Starfleet uniform or owned a Klingon Bat’leth in my life.

Creation’s Star Trek Las Vegas event (having just occurred August 8-11) is the pinnacle of the conventions, featuring over 80 guest celebrities. The regional cons are smaller, but they have a lot to offer all Trek fans. Seattle’s program features Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner and Kate Mulgrew, better known as Captain Janeway on Voyager. What’s great about the conventions is that there’s something for aficionados of every Trek show. Next Generation devotees will get LeVar Burton, Gates McFadden, Denise Crosby, and Marina Sirtis. Dominic Keating and Washington State native Connor Trinneer are representing Enterprise, with Keating even hosting an after-hours karaoke party (along with Voyager cast member Garret Wang). Nana Visitor and Chase Masterson of Deep Space Nine will take the stage during the weekend. Susie Plakson, who appeared on Next Generation, Voyager, and Enterprise, will be appearing on Saturday.

Connor TrinneerWhat I love about attending these conventions is hearing the behind-the-scenes stories from the cast members. They all have their own unique take on their character and the shows, often times providing humorous or poignant anecdotes we would never get to hear otherwise. For collectors, the merchandise tables and auction provide that opportunity to score a rare collectible or even a real prop from the show. And for those inclined, there is a costume contest, where cosplayers can show off their Trek attire. Some of these are simple crew uniforms, while others are intricately designed alien costumes. Even the most casual Trek fan is bound to find something to enjoy at the convention.

The Seattle convention runs from Saturday, August 24 through Sunday, August 25 at the Hilton Seattle Airport. More information about this and upcoming conventions can be found at Creation Entertainment’s official website.

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