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So the 2004 holiday movie season is almost here, and I have no doubt the studios have a bunch of blockbuster and touching, Oscar® soon-to-be nominees coming our way. Despite all of this there are only three movies that I’ve really been itching to see for months:

Team America: World Police, The Incredibles, and Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie.


If you’re not familiar with these titles, here’s a short summary of each based on what I know about them:

The Incredibles: A superhero family that was once well-renowned mus adjust to living a boring life just like the rest of us, until a catastrophe causes them to be recalled to duty.

This is a Pixar film, so just go ahead and buy your ticket now. They have yet to produce a lemon, and from the trailers, this looks like yet another great family-friendly grand slam.

Team America: World Police: A parody of the current world situation, while certainly nothing to laugh at, could only be pulled off by the creators of South Park. A string-puppet movie along the lines of the old Thunderbirds TV series, it looks like in this movie America pulls out all the stops to defeat terrorists around the world once and for all. It also looks like they won’t spare anyone: everyone from Michael Moore to the Bush administration gets lampooned. (Something for everybody, eh?)

People, please leave the kids home for this one, would you? I know there are puppets in it, but it’s R rated, and I think the trailer is giving us the barest hint of what’s in store with this movie. Having said that, it looks hysterical.

Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie: I have no idea what the storyline of the movie is, but hey, it’s Spongebob. What else do you need to know? As the tagline says: “Bigger, Squarer, Spongier”.

My daughter and I will be first in line for this one. If you’re not familiar with Spongebob and his buddies, I highly recommend you check out the show on Nickelodeon or rent/buy the DVD containing some of the best episodes. Check out the trailer.

Right now Shark Tale is out, and I probably won’t review of it because it just looks bad to me. They’re trying to make a “hip” Finding Nemo. I think I’ll pass.

Going a little farther out to next March, there’s Robots which is from the creators of Ice Age. Perhaps the trailer just went on too long, but it got kind of old. It has a star-studded cast (which can sometimes be a BIG red flag) including Robin Williams. His manic energy is great, but sometimes I think a director needs to rein him in a bit. In the trailer for the film after a while I just wanted him to stop yakking.

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  • Dew

    I can not understand the Sponge Bob phenomenom but I am anxious to see Team America, just because it’s by Trey and Matt. Their work is never really about presentation but point. What’s the point, people may hate South Park but the shows gets gluttonous with its points, but they always have one. Even if its that Barbara Streisand sux!

  • Thanks for the heads up on Robots! I agree about the trailer, but it looks like it could be interesting.

  • Vic

    I’m on the fence as far as Robots… it could very well turn out to be good. I just thought the trailer was too much of a Robin Williams love fest. 🙂

    He’s great in small doses. The reason I wasn’t to crazy about Disney’s Aladdin was Williams over the top ad-lib performance and the use of dated references (a first in a Disney film). In 30 years people will watch it and not get the jokes because at times they referred to whatever was popular in film/TV/society at the time. Every other Disney film to that point was timeless.

    But I digress…