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Upclose: Day in the Life of the Military

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Thursday night on Nightline Upclose “correspondent John Donvan talks with three Pulitzer Prize winners among the 125 photographers who were part of the 24-hour project, A Day in the Life of the U.S. Military, on October 22nd. Each has covered war or conflicts in his or her photographic career and brought that experience to the ‘Day in the Life’ assignment. David Hume Kennerly spent the day with Defense Secretary Rumsfeld at the Pentagon, Carol Guzy with an Army Drill Sergeant at Fort Jackson, South Carolina and David Turnley profiled a young pilot at the Air Force Top Gun School in Fallon, Nevada.”

The book will be out in May of 2003.

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  • Paul

    It should be retitled, “A Day in the Life Among the Uncommon Military”

    Instead of Rumsfeld, how about a civil service employee attached to some supply function at Base X? Right, not sexy enough.

    Instead of an Army Drill Sergeant (and really, is there anyone in America unfamiliar with Army Drill Sergeants?), how about a mid-level NCO in a heavy vehicle maintenance field? Right, not sexy enough.

    Instead of a young pilot at an Air Force Top Gun School (???) in Nevada (wow, pilots sure are an enigma to most Americans), how about the young airman who works on his aircraft? Right, not sexy enough.

    Where’s Ernie Pyle when you need him? I’ve yet to see anyone since him do anything that comes close to an honest representation of “A Day in the Life of the Military”. When they decide to spend some time with the other 99% of the military, then it might be of interest.

    It also makes me wonder how relevant the rest of their stuff is.

  • Those were only 3 of 165 photographers. The choices had to do more with the photographers than their assignments. Turnley has done pieces for Nightline and the other two are pulitzer winners.

    There is a short list of some other assignments and a map with the locations they did shoots.