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Up Close With The American Idols – David Archuleta

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In person American Idol runner-up David Archuleta comes across as an average seventeen year old. Dressed in jeans and red t-shirt, Archuleta would have easily blended in with the swarm of fans cheering for him outside the Tacoma Dome.

However, Archuleta is not living the typical teenage lifestyle. He has appeared before millions of viewers on a popular TV show and is currently traveling the country performing on the American Idol tour. He’s also working on recording an album and has just released a new single, “Crush.” That’s a lot for a guy who hasn’t even finished high school yet.

Outside the stadium, teenage girls yelled out marriage proposals and held signs professing their adulation for him. I was told by one of the tour coordinators that it is the same in every city. Despite all of that, Archuleta seems unaffected by his new found fame. In fact, he still seems surprised that anyone takes that big of an interest him. During my conversation with him, I was impressed by how humble and well-grounded Archuleta is.

What is it like to perform in front of so many people across the country?

It's been fun. I mean, it's a lot more exciting than I thought it'd be. I thought it'd be more nerves, but it's all very exciting. It's fun to see how different cities react, different connections. Like some cities you can feel their vibe, it's like really powerful. It's neat.

Have you had any time off since it started?

Yeah. We've had quite a few days off. We had a day off two days ago.

Do you just hang out in the city you are in?

Yeah, try to do music stuff.

So you are recording an album now?


What’s it like recording and touring at the same time?

It's definitely a challenge, since you have such a limited amount of time. So it's kind of hard to work on your first album and tour when you have until fall to get everything finished. And you know the tour doesn't end until fall. But it's a challenge I'm up for. I mean, it's a great learning experience – especially for things to come in the future. If things get hectic and crazy, and you don't know what to do, then it's good to have had the experience before. But hopefully I have enough time to make a good quality album. It's hard to do that. Some people it takes years to work on an album. I have a few months along with the tour. It's something I've wanted to do for so long.

Where do you record?

L.A.'s where I've been recording.

So you have to fly around during the tour?

In a few days I will be flying back to LA to record. But what they've done before – like Jordin [Sparks], when she was in Nebraska – she recorded in some antique recording studio place with a nice mic. Really anywhere with a mic and ProTools [works].

What was your favorite part about being on American Idol?

My favorite thing was being able to learn from experience. Just from hanging out with everyone, you learn – but also just being able to sing. Really the best thing about singing is being able to share it. It feels good to share it. It's kind of like, there are those times when you get down and dirty and then you just want to relax. When you see the [results] you feel really good about it. It was like, ‘That was definitely worth it and I want to do it again.’ And you have the next week to do it and I was fortunate enough to be there until the finale. That was an amazing experience.

What was the finale like?

It was just so…it was like a dream. Because I couldn't believe I was chosen to be in the finale. It's like, 'That won't happen to me – there's so much talent.' I feel fortunate to have even made it to Hollywood week.

So you weren’t thinking that you were safe every week? You didn’t have the ‘bottom three feeling?’

No, I did from the beginning. I never knew who was going to the bottom three because everyone was so talented. I almost didn't audition. I thought I would be wasting my time. Waiting all those long hours and then not make it.

What was it like when you auditioned for the judges? Was it nerve-wracking?

It didn't seem real, so it wasn't really nerve-wracking. You were definitely thinking a lot when you're there. That's what's so great about the tour. Just to see the difference, because it's not like you have to worry about thinking too much. ‘Oh I hope I don't mess up on this, I hope I remember the words to the song I learned yesterday.’ You know, that kind of thing.

It must be nice to sing full songs now.

Yeah, it's really nice. It's like you're not there to see if you are good enough to be there next week or not. Whether they should vote for you or not. That's what really neat about it.

So you're happy with your second place finish?

Oh yeah. Just to see that over 100,000 people auditioned, that I was in the top two was a blessing. I mean, the top fifty was a blessing. The top twenty-four was a blessing. That was a huge, amazing step onto TV. Then to be in the top twelve was a huge difference. Being in the top ten meant you were going on tour. Each step you didn't think you would make it so it's just like, you're awestruck to see that you are still there. I wasn't like, ‘Oh I deserved to be here.' I mean, everyone deserves to be there. It's just that you can't believe you're among such talent.

It seemed like you gave a big push for your final performance – was that your plan?

Well, it was really important, that last one. And it was really difficult, especially at that point you are given multiple songs to learn in a week. To arrange and work on them, along with school and press and photo shoots and all of that, it's hard. But the things you have to do, [such as] recording all the little video things you gotta do. And it's like there isn't any time for anything. It's really overwhelming. It was like, ‘It's my last American Idol experience.’ I devoted the past few months of my life, and so now it's like I'm so fortunate to have made it this far. I had no idea I would. I'm going to give it my all and that's what's most important whether I win or not. [David] Cook deserved to win pretty much anyway. So I just felt honored to be standing next to him. That's amazing when you think about it.

You spent the whole time with David Cook. What’s he like?

Yeah, I did. He's amazing. He's one of the most down to earth people. Really concerned about how you are doing. He'll try to help you out. And I think he's a great guy. He's like, the definition of an ‘American Idol.’

What was your favorite personal performance?

Well, with “Imagine” it was kind of like my last performance where I wasn't being viewed as [a frontrunner]. After that my expectations were raised higher than anything I can imagine. I'm just going to have a great time with the song. [At the time] I felt people weren't really watching me and I felt really comfortable. So then everyone was like ‘David, David, David.’ I felt very awkward, because I was like, ‘I don't get it.’ I didn't even do anything fancy with ["Imagine"]; it wasn't very energetic or anything. I was like, ‘This might be the end of it for me.' I'll at least feel good about what I needed to do. Then [with] “Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me," I felt like I was really able to be myself.

That one was picked for you. You were happy with that one?

It was a good thing because so many other songs didn't work for me. It was hard to get songs cleared. I mean, there were like six songs I was trying to get cleared and then I ran out of time. So I had to do a song I had already done, unfortunately. I did “Imagine.” But it was good being able to do “Imagine” again. I think that is a great song.

Had you always wanted to be on American Idol?

I had always wanted to be on it until recently. And I started to think, ‘I don't think I could do that. I don't think that's the right direction for me. I don't think I'm good enough.’ And I almost didn't go because I had to quit my summer job. It's hard to find a job! It was just, ‘I've always wanted to do this, so let's see what it's like.’ And it was worth it, I guess. I'm here now touring, being able to do that. And it's just so great. What other opportunity would I get to tour the country and being able to perform to all these crowds? To hear that cheer and to feel the support the people have built on you? It's weird because you think that once they get to know me, they'll get annoyed by me. It's neat to see that they really appreciate what you are doing.

My time with David was up – he was needed for another interview. Before he moved on, he asked me if I was attending the concert that night. I told him I was. He was very excited about performing and told me, “It's a good show because everyone is really unique. There's country, R&B, pop, rock. You know, soulful Michael Johns. It's neat – it's a fun show.”

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  • celeste

    I love David Archuleta, not in the fan “marry me” way, he is just amazing, talented kid… I think what he said about how the pressure was put on him since Imagine is really and important fact, he lost a lot of the relax demainor that he has in performance like Shop Around, Waiting in The World to Change and Heaven… Thanks this was a great interview…

  • yolie29

    Yeah! I agree! after his IMAGINE performance.. he was kinda off!! He was all nerves and looks too stressed!

    His voice is just the best! I think he has the best vocal techniques out of all the contestants ever.

  • luke

    I would love to know what songs he was trying to get approved until the last minute. Sorry, but I feel this was one of the ways AI (Nigel) tried to hurt Archie and help Cook. And then Cook was praised for doing something new! Oh well, I’m trying to get past all the obvious manipulations that went on. I like Cook OK but this young kid David Archuleta is really one in a million. When he sings he touches my soul (yea I know it sounds corny but I don’t know a better way to express it) He is something special. I hope the business doesn’t change him. I love his voice and the feeling he puts in it and I for one will be a fan for life. Thanks for a great interview.

  • Kathy

    This was a fantastic interview! David is such an enigma — he does sound like a typical 17 year old, if perhaps more humble than a lot of them — and yet when he gets on the stage (or records a song) he is just pure brilliance. I love his single. The Idol tour rolls through my town in about ten days, and I can’t wait to hear him.

  • Sharon

    David is the most amazing singer and personality that I have ever witnessed!!!! He is the entire package, and something the world really needs right now!!! I do agree there definitely was manipulation going on with AI during the last weeks of Idol. David is such a “class act” and would never ever agree. I think, however, it was pretty evident with the viewers. I can not believe all the hurt that his family endured about his father for a fabricated story. David rose above it all and was the clear winner in our hearts!!! He will be a huge success!!!

  • LMS

    What an absolute doll this kid is. So grounded and humble and sweet and always offering a kind word for others. Not to mention his beautiful, pure, expressive voice. I agree that he was somewhat hijacked on the show, maybe because he was so amazing inside and out, that they honestly didn’t know what to do with him. It’s all about marketing on that show. But he truly is one in a million and I find his honesty and eloquence so refreshing. When he sings, it’s so moving because you can feel it coming from his heart. It almost doesn’t matter what song he is singing, because he has sang songs I never liked before but fell in love with because just the sound of his voice is so melodious and soothing. Hats off to his parents, who got a bad rap during the show. After witnessing how much personal strength and integrity David has, I know that it had to come from somewhere. I wish him nothing but the best in his career and I hope he never loses what makes him so special. Great article, thanks!

  • momofteens

    He is such an inspiration to people of all ages. To be the object of so much adulation while remaining completely humble is an example for all of us. I too was touched by his voice, and equally, by his amazing character. Thanks for a great interview…once again, I am stunned by his grace and class.

  • Pipsey

    The interview sent a clear message-David has an admirable character and the world should have more people like him-seriously.He’s sincere about music and I think that’s an important factor to be a shining performer.Somehow, being a singer -and only a singer -doesn’t sell in the entertainment industry as there should be some’spice’ and stuff of that ilk added to garner fame; but hopefully he’ll keep up that squeaky clean record!
    Way to go, Archie!Stay neat and I’ll support you all the way-^^

  • francesca

    i love david! i guess im one of those crazy teens everyone talks about, but he really really touched me! i love his voice and his personality, hes such an amazing person! im jealous of everyone whos met such a sweet, humble, talented boy!

  • Shari

    This young man is one-in-a-million! The humility that he possesses is astonishing! His voice just pulls you in and you just can’t help but take notice! He is truly a gift that I will be a fan of for life. 🙂

  • I just wanted to point out that David Cook was criticized during the finale for doing a new song. Also everyone pretty much agreed that Archuleta won the night. Even David Cook himself said he thought Archueta was better.

    People vote based on who they like for the entire season, not who wins the finale night. I honestly don’t think the producers didn’t want Archuleta to win. He was a favorite from the beginning. It was more of a case of David Cook just coming out of nowhere and becoming extrememly popular.

    Also – clearing songs is not up to the producers or Nigel. It’s up to the people who own the songs. A lot of artists do not want their songs used on Idol.

  • Ect

    My hats off to you as the interviewer! You kept an open mind and for the first time I felt that David was given a chance to give a true interview! I have been reading several interivews where the writer hinted a subtle dislike for this young and talented young man! He is going to be amazing and I hope that the public will open their eyes and realize there is so much talent in this young man! Thank you for a great interview!

  • Dogzman

    I do believe the show is so manipulated. Its a reality show.. TV ratings first. What will keep the viewers watching? Also, many fans have had years of complaining about the voting system. Callers dialing their Idols number and being routed to a different Idol’s #. If your calling for idol 04 and you dialed and than just hit redial and 5 times your get “Thanks for voting for contestant 4. Than suddenly on call 5 it says thanks for voting for contestant 1 (or whatever) Yet you only hit redial. Daughtry fans have a petition that was signed by over 38,000 fans claiming this happend to them. The petition is still online to view. They claim on top 4 week a huge percent of their votes went to Kat McPhee. Chris Daughtry went home that week. The voting is not accurate. The show had been able to produce some good recording stars but many don’t last long. Only a handful. Clarkson, Underwood, Daughtry (not a winner), Pickler, and thats mainly it. Not such a great track record for a multimillion dollar number one show. Win or Loose it doesnt matter, its what they do after the show. THERE ARE VERY FEW TOP 40 ROCK SONGS RIGHT NOW ON iTunes. COOK WILL NEED TO BALANCE ROCK WITH RADIO FRIENDLY MUSIC if he is to have enough success to move onto a 2nd albumn. Rock is not the music of choice right now. So hopefully he will infuse the Daughtry style so that he musters up some post idol success.

  • Karen Durbin

    My thanks to the interviewer as well. Great Interview. David Archuleta has not been given his well deserved applause by most journalists. I understand David Cook won Idol, but young David more than proved his uncomparable talent. Bless his heart, he just shrugs it off. The whole Idol thing was questionable but I am happy DA took 2nd. His professional choices are independently his and he is going to soar with the assistance of those angels he sings about. I, motherly, love the kid.

  • Megan Nantel

    I love how you talked to him in Tacoma, because that’s the show I went to . Ha Ha. It was great, but considering I only went to one, I have nothing to compare it too. David is humble and I really want to meet him. LOL. Maybe my dream will come true one day. Positive thinking, right?

  • Fran

    This was a great interview and th fist time I heard david tried to clear 6 other songs first before going to Imagine. And how come AI was able to clear Crazy when the tour started but no on the show. I firmly beleive there was manipualution on the AI producers aprt or else why would Simon go around on talks shows a few dyas before the finale saying Cook should win, becuase he works in a bar, been performiang longer than David, and becuase david has no personality. The reason they announced david as teh frontrunner becuase they knew most people root for teh udnerdog (Cook in this case) and they would get sick of AI pimping david and turn their votes to Cook ocne they conveniently got rid of Michael Johns who was most likely splitting the Rock vote between him and Cook before he left.

  • Lisa

    Great interview. Its about time David was able to say what he wanted to say without being cut off, and the interviewer left him alone about his love life and his father, Kudos to you. That is the two things that always bothered me when people interviewed David. Just leave this young man alone with his personal life and concentrate on his music career. David is a amazing young man with tons of talent. His main goal in life is music and he wants to share his voice with the world. He is gracious to all his fans, and he really appreciates them. David is not selfish, he admires and looks up to all the people on tour. Its never me, me, me, he always includes all his idol buddies. That is such a wonderful thing to see, especially from such a young man. He is still so humble about his idol performances. Still, to this day, I dont think he really realizes what a impact he has on so many people. His voice is captivating. He must think we’re all crazy. He has to know by now, that he has so many different fans, not just young girls. Its just the young girls that are screaming their heads off when he appears, but it goes way past that. He is a Angel, and Davidmania is here. We love this young man.

  • Sherry

    Fran thanks for your comments. Clearing songs for the tour and for TV are very different. Band don’t “clear” songs they cover in concert.

  • Rose

    Thank you for giving us a chance to get to know David James a little better. Many of us are so proud of him and how he has handled all of the stress and sometimes not so nice press (not you darling, sorry I’m from the South). He has an amazing future ahead and all I can say is “Just let the young man sing!” Please let us just have days filled with songs breathed into life by David.

  • josephine

    David is a young man I admire the most. He is a person from another realm. His mind is in a different world. He is so unaffected by this world. When I see a person, I can tell what kind of person he/she is by watching instant reactions(behaviors, talks, attitudes etc.). David is so ture himself and the closest to perfection (nobody is perfect in this world). His influence was so big on idols that every contestant learned to be humble and true from him. Cook is the good example. His arrogant attitude was changed and he figured out how to win over people. To me, young David is the true American idol so many people look up to. It’s good to see there is ‘the good’ in this contaminated world.

  • BigBoi

    I really feel that the competition was a “draw” between the two Davids. Hey, the “Two Davids” reminds me of “The Two Jakes”, LOL!

  • Viki

    I’m from the Far East and will probably never get the chance to see DavidA in person. But from all the videos, comments and fanmail he has been getting, he is going to be here for the longest time. He is such a talented, humble, sweet and generous young man – truly a ray of sunshine in this rather bleak world we live in. More power to you too for writing this article.

  • Melissa

    We all love David. Thanks for the interview. Best ever.

  • Violet

    Thanks for your wonderful interview with David! Just like when David was age 11 or so, when he watched Tamyra Gray sing on Idol and felt it viscerally – in his words “What just happened!!!” – that’s how we felt when we heard David sing. He has amazing talent yet he is the most humble, honest, and caring teen I have ever seen. He’s also totally without pretense – he is always himself and he’s wonderful. As someone else said – he’s like a ray of sunshine, and he lights up the world around him.

  • Vicki

    This is a very good interview. Thank you. So nice that you let David speak and complete his thoughts without interrupting him. I don’t know of many 17 year olds who could have withstood the stress of those months on Idol the way David did. He truly is a very strong, talented and unique individual. I hope we can enjoy his artistry for many years to come.

  • lynn

    Thank you for a great interview. I love David Archuleta. I love his voice and music. He is a very humble guy and at his age he is a good role model.I was sad when he didnt win the title but, I’m sure he will be a great and successful singer since music is his love. I agree that the show was manipulated. Ryan Seacrest on interview by Larry King, he was repeatedly asked whom he thinks will win, but he didnt give his choice of a winner, instead he kept saying over and over, that there will be a “shocker”. And I was really shocked that night. Anyway, David accepted his defeat with such grace and class, and I admire him more. I will support him on his entire music career.

  • Katheryn

    David Archuleta is a breath of fresh air in the music industry. Not only is he a uniquely gifted artist, he’s such a humble and gracious young man who is without artifice. I’m blown away by his talent, especially when you consider that he is seventeen and sings with only one functioning vocal chord! With the success of his freshman single “Crush,” David is well on his way to establishing a long and successful career. Unlike other teen stars, David appeals to a broad range of listeners, and he is already establishing himself a huge international following. Many fans, including myself, will be supporting him every step of the way as he experiments to discover the music that best reflects his style and personality.

  • goboywonder

    David is so caring and thoughtful, so precious. He is so NOT full of himself, how can anyone not love him. Thanx for the article.

  • luke

    David Archuleta was too good, too early, and that doesn’t make for good tv. What the show wants for ratings is a close race, so they did everything they could to get that.
    Sherry, the producers don’t approve the songs but they can expedite the process or not. He tried to get six songs approved and yes there was criticism that he didn’t do a new song. I didn’t say by who. The song Nigel picked was obviously a calculated choice to go along with the criticisms of David. When David wanted to do an upbeat arrangement and play the piano he was told no. This was also the first year they didn’t have to go head to head on the same song. I could go on. Yes, there were manipulations going on.
    David Cook didn’t just come out of nowhere, he got help. I like the guy, he is talented and I will buy and listen to his music. For me though, David Archuleta is far and away the most talented singer ever on AI. Like I said before, one in a million!
    As far as who america liked, until the voting system is changed to a limited no. of votes per number, we really don’t know who the most people voted for, only who got the most votes.

  • Lynnette

    Luke – I know what you are saying about producers helping with songs or not, but no one really knows the whole story. I’m not sure there is the massive maniupulation that people claim. Maybe some unfairness, but I get tired of conspiracy theories.

    It’s just really hard to say about any of it. I find it weird that Archuleta says he has respenct for Cook and says he is a great guy, then Archuleta’s own fans say basically that the only reason Cook won was that the show is rigged. It’s disrectful to Cook.

    Personally I was not surprised at all that Cook won, and I think Cook is the most responsible for his own success. It was a very evenly matched finale.

  • Cathy

    What a terrific young man David Archuleta is!

    So kind and gracious he is to end the interview by telling the interviewer how terrific the other idols are on the show and how much she’ll enjoy THEM.

    He deserves every good thing coming his way!

    Thanks for one of the best interviews so far with this extraordinary, talented young singer!

  • Kathleen

    I find it interesting that David Archuleta and David Cook respect and admire each other and yet the fans are the opposite. Let’s behave as those two winners have and quit bickering about the whys and whynots of the outcome of AI. They are both to be admired, in my opinion.

  • jean

    I loved this Interview. He is really beautiful inside and out. I hope he is around for along time. His voice is like the Angel he sings about.

  • mom4DavidA

    Hey! Great questions! … Very interesting article … which it was on video!

    Everyone will have their opinions on what happened on the show … that’s fine, as long as people don’t berate other contestants and just support their fave … David A and his family received and still do get a lot of unwarranted and negative press. They don’t deserve that when all David has tried to do is live his dream. I love David Archuleta and to me he is and always will be the one TRUE American and World idol in EVERY sense of the word. His humility doesn’t allow him to see that in himself … but the rest of your fans do David! We will be there for you every step of the way!

    Thanks again for this wonderful article! And I loved reading such wonderful comments … especially when a lot of other articles berated him and lured in hateful comments which were totally uncalled for … made me wonder what this world was coming to. But David Archuleta rises above that and will always come out on top no matter what!!

  • piseth

    oh i really miss you so much leta.

  • luke

    Lynette, As Dogzman said, it is a reality show and ratings are what matter. AI wanted a close race and things were done to help make that happen. Some were not very nice. I don’t wish to go into all that and want to just get past it and just enjoy and support David Archuleta. I have never disrespected David Cook because I truly believe he is a nice guy and talented and deserves to be a success and to that end I will, as I said, listen to and buy his music. I think he has been great to Archie and has acted honorably. That said, I must still say that I am very disillusioned with American idol and the producers. You have to be naive not to believe that there were not manipulations going on. That is where my disrespect is aimed at and no where else. On the positive side, they brought David Archuleta to us and we would not be listening to him today if not for the show. And really in the end, that is all that matters. His voice and the emotion he is able to communicate through his music is incredible. As far as I am concerned, finding him is a gift and I am a fan for life. I would still like to know what songs he wanted to sing. When I read “Add your comment, and speak your mind” I thought I could. Peace everyone.

  • fay

    i used to work in a PR agency and i wouldnt blame cook if he gets all the attentions from the media. that’s how it works. AI will definitely pay more to get cook out in the media. that’s why i dont read the stuff they wrote about cook, it’s all made up already. i like archuleta better. working his way up thru his real talent and charming. i’ll definitely buy his songs and considering myself an arch angels. i like it. at least somehow i become an angel for someone like david archuleta. i can really connect to him and i know in my heart he’s a true blue great guy.

  • Buck

    I have noticed that every single season of Idol, there are people who insist that their favorite did not win because it wasn’t a fair fight. Archuleta was clearly a fan favorite as well as a judge’s darling. He was never in any trouble and took the runner-up prize – ask Clay Aiken if that is merely a consolation prize. It isn’t, and now Archuleta is in a position to achieve great success.

    All that said, I do believe that the producers of the show will do what they can to promote whoever is getting the most votes. Throughout the season, that was the Davids. Archuleta very arguably peaked earlier in the season than Cook, and while he had his fanbase firmly established his momentum cooled in the second half. Roughly the opposite happened for Cook.

    Unless I hear it directly from a high-ranking producer, I view speculations equally – whether you think Cook was favored in ways that tipped the balance, or whether you don’t. We, the viewers/fans, don’t know what songs were not clearly for Archuleta (or any of them) – and even if they would’ve been good choices. This season, the result easily could have gone either way – and no one could’ve asked for two better sports.

  • Bree

    You will only believe that there was favoritism or manipulating going on if a high ranking producer tells you directly? Get real! Why on earth would they ever admit that? That made me laugh. I believe what I see.

  • alright already

    How about them taking away the airosmith song from DA and giving it to Cook. How about the lousy, boring song they gave to archie as producers choice and not letting him change it up? How about Simon going on Leno and Ellen and saying he wanted Cook to win the week before finals. How about Nigel saying he wanted Cook to win. I know if your a Cook fan you don’t want to see it and yes maybe either one could have won anyway and yes they were both good sports. Good luck to both of them.

  • luke

    Sherry, I originally read your article through following a fan alert. I clicked on your name when you answered me, and have since read all your other articles.(At least all that I could find) I liked them and think you are a really talented interviewer. I now know who your personal favorites were and I appreciate you even more for your great interview with David Archuleta. You were very nice and I thank you for that. I know we all have strong personal opinions as we felt we had a lot invested in these guys after voting all season and coming to care about them and what happens to them. Chris Daughtry’s cd is the only contestant’s cd I have purchased and I still like him. This is the first season I would ever consider buying more than one persons cd, and this year I could really buy several of theirs. I like your favorites. I don’t know why, but David Archuleta just moves me and makes me feel the music like no one else. I got the chills like others have said on a couple of songs. I think he is a phenomenon and a true talent and I will support him for life, but he is surely not the only person I will listen to. Good luck to the season 7 guys, they were the best season ever for me. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I gained some respect for you. Thanks

  • Luke – thanks so much for your comment (and for reading my other articles! Also thanks to everyone who has a left a comment about liking the interview.

    By the same token – I gained a lot of respect of Archuleta when I sat down an talked with him. He is very nice and did not have one bad word to say about Idol – just for the record he did not sound bitter about the six songs, he was just telling the way it was.

    Of course I never disliked Archuleta, I’m just not that into his style of music. I recognize that he is a very good singer. Truth be told I wanted Michael Johns to win. He has the closest style to my own taste, and I thought he was really good. I was actually pretty harsh on Cook at the beginning of the season. He won me over with his hard work, and I thought he greatly improved as a performer.

  • Buck

    Bree – glad to see I provided you with some amusement. My point was not that any Idol producers would admit to anything. My point was that your speculation isn’t any more or less accurate than my speculation – or anyone’s. Some people – just regular viewers of the show – are stating these things as if they are fact.

  • Star

    You are a true gift and a successful star. I hope that God protects you and will bring every dream that you wish for come true. Please don’t change and stay the same, this way you’ll always be deep in many hearts. I hope you’ll never get ill, you’ll never get hurt all your life. May God succeed you, may God guard you every step of the way. Please let those who love you keep hearing you, protect your voice, don’t hide it from us. Look after yourself to stay safe forever and let us see your face through your voice’s embrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!