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Unsettling, by Lynda Sandoval, tells the story of four women who come together in order to celebrate one person’s wedding. Lucy Olivera is about to be married to Ruben, her much delighted boyfriend. However, all the women in Lucy’s family have never gotten past the family curse, which is that the first marriage won’t survive.

As the book opens, Lucy frantically sends emails to her three closest friends, begging for rescue from quickly approaching disaster. Although two are in other parts of the country, all three show up to give Lucy much needed moral support. However, not all is what it seems to be on the surface. The “perfect” lives have started to fall apart. Christina is dealing with a situation made worse by being married to a local, well known news personality. Mercedes has to watch her career take a novedive when a disgruntled employee proves the large extent of his discontent. Annette has five girls and a husband, but is considering whether or not that is enough.

Respite is found only after taking a roadtrip in search of a New Mexico spiritualist who shows all four that they are stronger than even they realize. Sandoval weaves the four main characters into a complete package with a rich storyline, in depth analysis, and characters which practically leap off the page.

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