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University of Hawaii Football Breeds Strange Statistics

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The University of Hawaii has one heck of a good football team this year. At the moment, following last Saturday's 68-10 thrashing of Idaho, they lead the nation in total scoring (45.4 points/game), total offense (538.1 yards/game), Passing Offense (421.9 yards/game), and first downs (26.4 point/game).

Quarterback Colt Brennan is the highest rated in the nation (180.0), has the highest completion percentage (74.0%), the most passing touchdowns (33), and would be first in individual passing (instead of third) except for the fact  he has been taken out of the last several games in the third quarter because of massive leads (and because one of his two rivals has played one more game).

The odd statistic is that, in spite of leading the nation in all of the big game statistics, the UH Warriors leading individual scorer (Nate Ilaoa) is ranked only 36th in the nation and the team's second highest scorer (Davone Bass) is ranked 76th.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingYou'd think, apart from Brennan, there would be a Heismann contender hiding in that offense somewhere! But you'd be wrong. You see, UH Football is a "team" sport and an "equal opportunity scoring employer."

For example, in last Saturday's Idaho matchup, Colt Brennan threw for five touchdowns… to five different receivers! So far, the team's passing touchdowns have been divided up between seven different receivers!

I'm not a really big UH Football fan (although I did attend their 42-13 drubbing of UNLV), but I know a good and balanced team when I see one — and the UH Warriors are a good and balanced team.

They will almost certainly find their way into a bowl game (at 6-2, they need one more win to be eligible) and, with four more games on their schedule, I can expect even more high-scoring entertainment from a fine group of athletes.

If you get a chance to watch Hawaii play Purdue (Nov. 25) or Oregon State (Dec. 2)  — one of which will be broadcast on ESPN — just sit down, let the lawn grow for an extra week, and enjoy one of the most wide-open and exciting offensive teams in college football today. I guarantee your mouth will be hanging open most of the game! They really are that good.

Go 'Bows! … er … uh, I mean, Go Warriors!

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  • But could they score in double-digits against Michigan’s defense? 😉

  • Depends. Could Ball State?

  • LOL

  • Fair point… :-/

  • This is also a team that has not gotten credit for improving through the season, and anyone familiar with the offense knows it takes some time to workout the kinks…witness the tough first-game loss to Bama, with the game ending pass (and tying TD) in the end zone being intercepted. Twice the Warriors were inside the Bama 15 and made unforced turnovers. The two-TD deficit given to Boise State by turnovers(also an early-season game)were a factor in that loss. Both teams played even after the shaky first half. In addition, Glanville’s system is starting to gel and players are buying into the true no-name team defense. I see them as the best 2-loss team not in the top 25. The Oregon St. game lurks as a test, especially after the upset win over then-#2 USC. Unfortunately, it will take wins against both the Beavers and Purdue to crack the top 25.

  • Can Hippos Fly? Just curious Mr. Bird of Paradise:)