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Universal Tablet Grip Stand: TabletClaw for the iPad

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The TabletClaw is a new peripheral that offers 360 degree viewing angles on the iPad which is great for presentations of all types. TabletClaw first began on KickStarter during the Fall of 2011. The goal was met within the first 30 days which enabled the owner the ability to take the company to the next level. The TabletClaw can be used to enhance presentations for business groups or educators anywhere.

TabletClaw has a small ringlet on the back which users can slide their fingers through to help hold the iPad or tablet during presentations. The ringlet can also serve as a kickstand for viewing movies or typing longer emails. The TabletClaw is an extremely versatile product with many different uses. One of the best features about using the TabletClaw is the ablility to hold the iPad safely while you focus on your presentation.

The TabletClaw can be installed very easily by sliding and has a snug fit over the iPad. Should the user wish to use an iPad 2, the TabletClaw includes different sized rubber fittings for securing the different thickness for all iPads and other tablets. The TabletClaw includes a kickstand on the back for vertically standing the iPad for watching videos or other uses presenters may find.

Being a school teacher for fifteen years, I can attest to the great features that the TabletClaw offers to educators in the classroom. For example, the TabletClaw may be used to help teachers present lessons in different groups during a class period. This would allow the teacher much more coverage on any topic during class. The class may be set up to have different stations which may show different lessons or topics. The class would rotate on fifteen minute intervals to allow all students time and exposure to all the different stations.

Being a science teacher I can definitely see many different ways to implement the use of the TabletClaw. For example, Science teachers who are presenting a lesson on the nine planets may set up nine different stations with each station covering a different planet. Students could be exposed to much more content during each class period using iPads equipped with the TabletClaw.

The TabletClaw can be purchased at www.tabletclaw.com for $39.99. This is a product that presenters, school teachers, or anyone wanting to use the iPad with one hand will enjoy using.

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