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Universal Studios Florida Releases Information on its New Roller Coaster: Rip Ride Rockit

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They call it “one of the most radically innovative roller coasters ever created.” After months of waiting, Universal Studios Florida has finally released new information on their newest roller coaster, Rip Ride Rockit, opening late spring or early summer. This roller coaster seems promising and will definitely be one of the top coasters in the world.

The concept behind this roller coaster is pretty amazing. Guests pick their background music while coasting through this exciting new coaster at 65 miles per hour. There are five different genres to choose from: rap/hip hop, country, classic rock/metal, pop/disco, and club/electronica. After the guests (hopefully) survive the ride, they can purchase the ride video they’ve just created.

The coaster is the largest and tallest X-CAR style coaster in not just the United States, but also the world. It has 3,800 feet of steel track and a seven-story vertical lift. Engineers have designed it so this roller coaster can produce maneuvers other coasters can’t. Out of the six different maneuvers, three of them have never ever been attempted.

As soon as the guest is strapped in and picks a soundtrack, he or she travels up at 11 feet per second at a ninety-degree angle. He or she reaches the highest point in the coaster — 167 feet — in just 16.5 seconds. It’s mind blowing.

The first new move is called the Double Take, the world’s largest non-inverted loop. It’s 136 feet tall and its diameter is 103 feet. The second is the Treble Clef, where you ride a music symbol. That’s right; engineers have actually made the track to look like a treble clef. Imagine the Treble Clef and try riding it. Riders’ bodies are going to be twisted and turned. The third is the Jump Cut, a spiral negative-gravity move.

The guests also get to partake in the Crowd Surfer (flying 33 feet over a cheering crowd), a Drop Tuning (going underground), and the Plot Twist (an inclined loop, which is when the loop is at an angle to the ground.) There’s a 360-degree turn at the end before the ride terminates.

I am pretty jealous of Florida to be honest. We have a Universal Studios here in Los Angeles, and I’m hoping they build an identical coaster here. Until then, I’ll have to close my eyes, turn on something country, and pretend I’m on the ride.

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