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Universal Hosts the Eyegore Awards, Recognizing the Best in Horror Movies

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To kick off Universal Studios L.A.’s Halloween Horror Nights, press was invited to attend the sixth annual Eyegore Awards, where the best of horror movies gather together and recognize the hottest horror stars around. The event took place at 7:30 on October 3 at Universal Studios. The sixth annual Eyegore Awards was hosted by Corey Feldman (Lost Boys 2: The Tribe, Lost Boys, and the Friday the 13th films), a very wise choice for master of ceremonies. Past recipients of the Eyegore Awards include Patricia Arquette, Rob Zombie, and more.

Blogcritics caught up with Tobe Hooper (director of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Poltergeist), Derek Mears (The new Friday the 13th), Lauren Shiohama (Deal or No Deal, briefcase 12), and Lew Temple (The Devil’s Rejects).

Lew Temple was extremely charismatic and is a big fan of the horror movie genre. So much so that he had trouble picking only one horror movie as his favorite. After a long pause, he responded, “That’s such a tough question. It was probably … Frankenstein.” But he did vividly remember the first horror movie he ever saw — Swamp Thing. Coming from Louisiana, this movie scared him to death, but he still liked it. He was so scared, the seven-year-old Lew Temple wouldn’t even go near a swamp. He added, “I thought for sure that thing was going to come out of the swamp, come out of my toilet. I wouldn’t take a bath.”

His best Halloween ever was when he was dressed as a ghost and his costume got torn, so he stole his brother’s Darth Vader costume. But Lew’s mom didn’t know he was out, because he was dressed as Darth Vader instead of a ghost, “I was out all night trick-or-treating. I was out ‘til two with all the old guys. So, I came home with not only candy, but with bourbon, vodka, and a couple beers.” And, yes, he was only eight. On his movie, the Devil’s Rejects, he told Blogcritics, “It was great working with Rob Zombie. I went in and auditioned and I was what he was looking for. It was perfect. We connected, Rob and I.” He’s also done other scary movies like Halloween and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. His newest movie is Trailer Park of Terror, which he describes as “Tales of the Crypt meets Dukes of Hazzard.

After that, I ran into Lauren Shiohama, who holds briefcase 12 on Deal or No Deal. She looked stunning even if zombies were following her on the red carpet. She spilled, “Chucky freaked me out. I kissed my dolls to sleep.” There is a Chucky show at Halloween Horror Nights.

I was privileged to talk to Tobe Hooper (pictured left), who directed Poltergeist and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Like Lew, it took Tobe a while to pick just one horror movie, but he eventually picked the remake of the Curse of Frankenstein. His first horror movie was The Thing. “I was underneath the chair most of the time.”

He also told me it was “hard” to direct the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but fun at the same time. “I love working with actors. In particular, I love the process.” Next up: the onscreen version of Stephen King’s From a Buick 8.

Last up, I interviewed 2009’s Friday the 13th actor, Derek Mears (pictured below), who literally towered over me. Friday the 13th comes out Friday the 13th in February. He said, “It’s really surreal [being a part of the series.]” The movie will be as if none of the others had happened (like with James Bond).

Ironically (and kind of strange), the first horror movies he ever rented were Friday the 13th, parts one and two. It was also one of his favorite movies growing up along with movies like Aliens.

Back inside, the Eyegore Awards was getting started. Corey Feldman made his opening remarks. “Horror has been with us since the beginning of film.” He later added, “A good horror film requires three things: dread, fear, and ultimate creepiness.”

The legend Roger Corman won an Eyegore Award last year and finally got to pick it up this year. His trophy was a great way to celebrate his 400 films over five decades. He also presented an award.

Tobe Hooper also won an award for being another legend. He said the trophy was “far out, way cool.”

Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre) won another Eyegore award. He seemed very amused and laughed at the trophy. Smiling, he shook his head, “I really wonder how I’m going to get this thing through security at the airport.”

Bill Moseley, who has a new movie with Lew Temple coming out called House, won another Eyegore trophy. Julie Benz (Dexter) also won a trophy. Presenters included Ogre from Skinny Puppy, Tom Lenk and Clare Kramer (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever).

Later, I checked out the opening night of Halloween Horror Nights, when Universal Studios transforms from just a regular theme park to the coolest, scariest Halloween attraction in the L.A. area. There are four mazes, three shows, the terror tram, and rides open, which is definitely worth going to. The tram is 20 times better and the monsters are just wonderfully scary. There’s still a ton of dates left to go: Oct. 4, Oct. 10-11, Oct. 17-19, Oct. 24-26, Oct. 30-31, and November 1. Definitely worth attending.

Scary, bloody, talented. Those are the 2008 Eyegore Award Winners. They are the best of the best, the scariest of the scariest. Congratulations to this year’s winners.

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