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Unholy Alliance: The Marriage of Illegal Aliens to the Religious Right

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This may surprise some of the frequent readers of my column, but one political lobbying/action/brainwashing group that I absolutely despise is the unholy coalition commonly referred to as the "Religious Right." I have nothing against fundamentalist Christians due to their beliefs — I am of the opinion that one's religious practices are his or her business and not mine — but I do have something against the zealots that seek to violate the separation of church and state or impose their views upon other people.

An example of how the Religious Right is currently doing the latter could be found last week in Washington, DC. Where in Washington, DC, exactly? Why, nowhere else than the office of our Madam Speaker herself — yes, you read that correctly. The leaders of the Religious Right — frauds who claim to be "stalwart conservatives" and ruthlessly bash members of the political right that don't agree with their theocratical agenda in totality — conspired with Nancy Pelosi and her minions on Wednesday to bring about what could only be described as the end of America as we know it.

They were conspiring for "comprehensive immigration reform" legislation. Leith Anderson, president of the extremely influential National Evangelical Assosciation, described his efforts to CNN's Eric Marrapodi as "rooted in in what the Bible teaches….and how we treat particularly people who are aliens or strangers in the land."

What utter garbage. Anderson and his vile cohorts are in it for the numbers game — they want a steady congregation (i.e. a reliable source of income) for the foreseeable future and then some. They see the ill-informed and uneducated illegal aliens as the perfect prey for their bible beating. Sadly, Anderson and Co. have it figured out very well, as millions of the above mentioned aliens will provide them with exactly what they want for decades, while large numbers of Americans continue to vacate radical churches such as theirs.

Wednesday's meeting proves once and for all that the steering committee of the Religious Right cares nothing about the future of the United States or the conservative movement. They are out only for themselves — certainly not for their fellow countrymen or their Christian God. In my opinion, they are far worse than the most radical of Marxists could ever be.


Because at least the Marxists are honest about their sick intentions. With the hierarchy of the Religious Right, it is all about fooling their legitimately conservative followers and then fleecing them, finally delivering the ultimate slap in the face to them by using their money to support the interests of illegal aliens. As irony would have it, they are the exact evil that they claim to crusade against on a daily basis.

The Republican Party and America's leading conservative institutions would be wise to formally repudiate this Fifth Column before the November elections. The leadership of the Religious Right is not only the anathema to stable government, but to Americanism itself.

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  • Baronius

    It only says that he, like some other writers, doesn’t reply in the threads. Don’t get me wrong; I was as critical of this article as you were. It just doesn’t mean much that he hasn’t replied.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    No it isn’t. And neither is it a crime to not provide references to back up one’s claims.

    But to make such claims without providing any references to prove those claims say a great deal about him.

  • Baronius

    Glenn, to my knowledge Cotto has never commented in a BC thread. No crime in that.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    It’s been two days since I posted a comment asking for references from Mr. Cotto.

    He has yet to submit any, although he’s since submitted another article.

  • And Glenn is absolutely right: this article is little more than a string of conclusion-jumping and innuendo.

    Just two of the things that made me curious: has someone close to Anderson and co. told Mr Cotto that the motive is to ensure more business for their churches? And are large numbers of Americans really vacating radical churches, as the article implies?

    If so, it would be nice to have some sources to chew on. We’re always hungry here at BC.

  • An immigrant is a person from a foreign country granted to come to US LEGALLY after passing ALL INSPECTIONS AND MAINTAIN all US Laws in the US.

    No, an immigrant is simply someone who moves into a country or territory from another country or territory. The word holds no meaning as to legal status.

    An illegal aliens is by definition, an unauthorized person who willfully sneek into US, like a burglar or thief

    The term alien simply describes someone who is not a citizen of the country in which they are living. Again, no legal status is implied. For example, I reside legally in the US but am not a citizen. In the eyes of the law, I am a legal resident alien.

  • California

    All Illegal Aliens must arrested, fingerprinted, ID, jailed up to 5 years then deported without being able to apply for admission for up to 10 yrs. Next offense again, barred the individuals from applying to US. Next offense, barred the entire family members and relatives from applying to US for up to 10 yrs. Next offense, jailed up to 20 years. All expenses to be billed to the country of origin or embargoed the country if there are more than 100 illegal aliens per day who continue to disregard our Immigration Laws and trespasses onto US soil starting now.

  • Calfornia

    First of all, there is no such thing call Illegal Immigrant but there is the proper title call, ILLEGAL ALIENS. Please use the correct and established TITLE. An immigrant is a person from a foreign country granted to come to US LEGALLY after passing ALL INSPECTIONS AND MAINTAIN all US Laws in the US. An illegal aliens is by definition, an unauthorized person who willfully sneek into US, like a burglar or thief, who disregard all laws, forced his/her ways into US adamantly without inspections and approval from Border Security/DHS and State Department.

  • the first line was a quote

  • but I do have something against the zealots that seek to…impose their views upon other people

    Apparently, unless the views imposed happen to be your own ala the positions implied within what you call “Americanism”.

  • Baronius

    This article is wrong. First of all, the group is the National Association of Evangelicals, not the National Evangelical Association. More importantly, they’re one of the few evangelical groups to take a stand in support of immigration reform. NAE’s primary focus seems to be opposition to the proposed rule allowing same-sex partnerships the same benefits as married couples, in terms of immigration status.

    Other evangelical groups have been silent on the issue. There’s a tension between the Gospel message of welcoming the stranger, and respect for the legal system. There’s also a racial element, with a good percentage of evangelicals being hispanic. Additionally, there’s the fact that evangelical organizations don’t carry a lot of clout among rank-and-file believers.

    Anyway, a person can favor “immigration reform” and want more immigration, less immigration, tighter laws, looser laws, more enforcement, or less enforcement. We should wait to see what’s proposed before we make assumptions about the character of the people supporting it.

  • Jordan Richardson

    Not only do we publish this sort of unsubstantiated trash, we give it prime real estate on the site’s front page. Brilliant.

  • Les Slater

    You seem so naive. Since when has any politician been honest with the public. As far as immigrants are concerned, I welcome them. If they don’t have papers then see to it that they get them.

  • Glenn Contrarian

    Mr. Cotto –

    Try something different and provide references for your claims. Until you provide references, all you’re doing is spreading unsubstantiated rumor…and as I said in so many words concerning your last article, if your sources are disreputable, you will not be taken seriously.

    Give provable facts…or admit to yourself that you’re only spreading gossip.