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Unfortunate Rumors From on the Ground Near New Orleans; May be the Worst Natural Disaster in U.S. History

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I speculate that the situation in New Orleans is a bit worse than most people are currently led to believe (understandably, the Newspapers and TV Networks are probably a bit cautious about painting too grim a picture). Although this is just hearsay, it comes by way of a source that I believe to be reliable:

“(from New Orleans)…First off, they expect the death count to be in the tens of thousands…People went to their attics, and unless they had an axe to cut their way out, they drowned, or are stuck…At morgues and cemeteries bodies are being pulled up, and there are just floods of bodies floating everywhere…. Its so bad, that the rescue crews have a system where they go house to house, and in the houses where everyone is dead, they paint black over the door. Houses with survivors get a red mark…The looting is out of control. Gun and hunting stores are being broken into. People are shooting at police, and now are so desperate, even HOSPITALS are being looted for food and water…There have been SHARK sightings in the streets… And, there are real alligator or poison snake problems as well (Water Mocassins I guess)…The water that is flooding the city has become diseased from all the death and sewage, causing other sickness and possible death, as well as death from the 100 degree weather and humidity…All gas and electricity is off. people are sleeping on the highways…50% of New Orleans is uninsured…People are running out of food and water, and have no cars or gas to get to places WITH such things…A lot of the outlying areas are stuck and those people cant get out because too many trees have fallen on the roads.”

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  • patriot

    “When Michael D. Brown, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, returned in January from a tour of the tsunami devastation in Asia, he urgently gathered his aides to prepare for a similar catastrophe at home.

    New Orleans was the No. 1 disaster we were talking about,” recalled Eric L. Tolbert, then a top FEMA official. “We were obsessed with New Orleans because of the risk.”

    Disaster officials, who had drawn up dozens of plans and conducted preparedness drills for years, had long known that the low-lying city was especially vulnerable.

    But despite all the warnings, Hurricane Katrina overwhelmed the very government agencies that had rehearsed for such a calamity.”


    What the hell is the value of having a government that can’t get out of it’s own way?

  • I’m depressed from reading and hearing about this all day and all week. What a tragedy, what a disaster…

    I never thought I’d live to see an attack like 9/11 on American soil, and I never thought I’d live to see the U.S. so ill equipped to deal with a hurricane.

    Man… sad piece. Sad, sad, horrible day.

  • When people have lived someplace in relative civilized comfort for 200 years they start to assume that despite all of its flaws it will last for another 200 years. Nature doesn’t necessarily agree.

    It will be interesting to see what conclusions are drawn from this. I think the one inevitable result will be the realization that nothing they could have done in the time between the Tsunami and the hurricane would have adequately prepared New Orleans or the people living there to deal with what has happened.