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Unemployment: I So Enjoy It!

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I have friends who are hopelessly mired in mistaken beliefs that not having a job means you are a total loser. Then they take a gig for not much more than minimum wage, and actually wind up losing money thanks to the heavy-duty commute.

Not me. I love being unemployed. I get to write, listen to records, and watch DVDs all day (and sometimes all night). What’s not to love about that life? Thanks GW for making all of the mortgage rules go away, and giving us this house. I live in a (pretty nice) home that the banks cannot foreclose on because they have lost the original paperwork.

To me, it is the ultimate “Screw You” middle-finger gesture. I have not had to show up at an office in over four years—and I do not miss it one iota. Shut up stupid Boss/Dickwad, I really don’t give a rip. You might have gotten up 15 minutes before me, but you are still just a dork.

Seriously though, why are no people embracing this lifestyle? I think it’s great! Working for “The Man” is an exercise in slow, monumentally tortuous suicide. Maybe I got lucky, but who is to say how we create our own reality anyway?

The point is, I wish my friends embraced unemployment the way I have. It is fun to enjoy life again. Office politics and all of the attendant nonsense have simply fallen by the wayside. Between you and me, I think I will live another 10 years beyond my employed friends, just because I don’t have to deal with the B.S. anymore.

I welcome comments from committed corporate lifers. And to those who are literally living hand to mouth, all I can say is that I am sorry. As the greatest President this country has ever known (Bill Clinton) once put it: “I feel your pain.”

Feel mine, because unemployment is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

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  • Doing what you love… nothing beats that. But OK, I’ll start with the obvious question: what happens when you run out of money?

  • The commute does suck, no doubt about that. But I’ll still take my underemployed job over the two years of lying about on the couch I thankfully was able to just put to a merciful end. All that sleeping just gets too damn depressing after awhile.


  • I was unemployed for over ten years in the past and never ever struggled to survive and nor did I spend much of that time on a couch or watching TV, so I guess unemployment is what you make it.

    Having a job is pretty much a dead end in many ways; you don’t control your own life and most people are always going to be Just Over Broke.

    In the years when I did have jobs I was made redundant three times, which is pretty devastating; Those experiences made me resolve never to put myself in that kind of vulnerable position again.

    I ended that unemployed/employed period by imagining a business and then making it happen, a process I have been – and still am – repeating to this very day.

    There are literally millions of great businesses waiting to be developed; I have more viable ideas than I will ever be able to implement in my whole life.

  • Brian aka Guppusmaximus


    Yea… I remember reading an interview with some Magazine mogul who said that having a job is just like being addicted to drugs because your waiting for your fix (check) every week. Plus, I haven’t seen anyone, personally, “move up” with a company.

    You’re right, he also said that living the American Dream (getting rich) only happens from taking huge risks NOT working for someone else. But, he also said that you probably wouldn’t have any friends or family because you gotta love money.

    I’ve always thought of having my own consulting business…

  • I would strongly disagree with that magazine mogul, Brian.

    It has never been easier or cheaper to launch almost any kind of business, which massively reduces the risks and it can even be done within a reasonable amount of work time.

    I’m far from the world’s most hard-working person and loved all the free time I had when I was unemployed, but I still manage to run several online businesses and am planning many more.

    The main reasons more people don’t seem too be either fear or a lack of imagination.

    Consult away, virtual buddy…

  • I would love to be enlightened on how to start a business when you are broke. Seriously, I would.

  • What is your business idea then, Glen?