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Uneasy, by Macon Greyson

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Macon Greyson

Miles From Here

Macon Greyson are four cats from (where else?) basically Dallas, and parts elswhere in N. TX, who make some pretty damn good music. Uneasy is their second album. Macon Greyson are a kind of rockin’ Texana sound, with a healthy dose of Americana thrown in, as typified by the holy trinity of Uncle Tupelo, Wilco and Son Volt. Buddy Huffman is the front man for this band, and probably the one most identified with Macon Greyson (I’ve even heard people call him Macon before), but the rest of the band are just as good as Buddy, if a only a tiny bit more retiring.

Based on their first album, and after hearing some of the new songs at several of their live shows, I was expecting great things from Buddy and the boys, and they did not disappoint. As is my custom, I’ve had this in the truck for not just one weekend, but two weekends and the week in between. Every song on it is very good, and several of them are close to roadhouse perfection. There’s a cover of Uncle Tupelo’s Whiskey Bottle that will slam you around pretty good. It’s got all the good “feelin’ lowdown bad” vibes you’d expect from the song.

Other favorites of mine are the opening track, Cracks, which is something about mirrors and strings on fingers and various superstitions, and so forth. Then there’s my favorite live song, Fine Line, kind of a rockabilly-ish sound with some super-strong guitar leads (the kind that they usually call “blistering”), and a finale that crashes all to hell and back. That song also features a beautiful dog-house bass, or what sounds like one — something I always appreciate. And…and…and…you know what? I could waste a lot of time telling you about each song, but there’s not a single song on here that makes me punch out to the next one. It’s really that good.

Macon Greyson are a huge crowd favorite all over North Texas, and they’ve got a pretty big following elsewhere, as well. They do a lot of the Texas Music festivals that pop up all over the place, which is a great way to give something back to their fans (outdoor music is the best kind). They’re spending the next two months in TX, OK and AR, but the gig you should know about and, by any means necessary, BE AT is this one: Sunday, Sept. 15 @ Love and War in Texas (Plano) – they’re playing with the Hangdogs. The Hangdogs are that little Texas band from New York City, and good grief! Plano, TX won’t know what hit them.

Vital Background Info: Here’s an interview with Buddy Huffman from txguitar.com, where Buddy talks about the band and the new album. Be sure and read his definition and dissection of the term Texas Music. I concur completely. Read it and understand where it’s coming from.

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  • todd abernathy

    I came in to touch with Macon Greyson for the first time last weekend at the Red Dirt in Norman, OK. As soon as I walked into the bar I was hooked. I usually don’t pull up a barstool and just listen to the band, but they really got my attention. The songs are extremly well written, kind of a Johnny Cash meets Bruce Springsteen. Hats off to the band. What a great sound! Keep it up! I’m hooked!


  • Macon Greyson is a really cool rock-country band that are also great entertainers! Cool CDs.