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Underworld is not only crap, it’s ripped off too!

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And if you think this film often looks like a videogame, you’re close. A company called White Wolf, makers of such role-playing games as “Vampire Masquerade,” and “Werewolf Apocalypse,” is suing the makers of Underworld, citing more than 50 copyright violations. Hollyweird nerds have so run out ideas that they’re stealing bad ideas from game-nerds.

Rocky D lays into this movie hard-core, with hilarious results. Perry takes issue with this pasting and tries to emphasise the movies good points.

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  • jadester

    let’s not forget that cool british comic 2000AD ran a series a few years back, i forget the name, which was vampires and werewolves fighting amongst themselves. I’m pretty sure, altho i don’t know where i got the idea, that the plot of vampires and werewolves fighting is actually quite old (tho not as old as the individual characters of course)