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Undertaker the Toughest in Pro Wrestling

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Professional wrestling in United States of America fascinates me more than any sports in the world. There are great men in the game. I remember the tough fights of wrestlers like Bret “Hitman” Hart, Shawn Michaels, Steve “Sting” Borden, Bugarty etc.

But none has thrilled me so much as the scary “Undertaker”. His coffin-sleeping tricks and his zombie way of getting up from the stage floor have scared hundreds of his opponents to death. It’s nice to hear still some of the names of these great men who thrilled the world with their great talents.

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  • I didn’t like the whole story about bringing back from the dead.

  • potche2003

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  • Who ever you are John Gezi, I consider you a moron more than an intelligent man. I have received over hundreds of such letters from Africa, especially Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Togo and Zimbabwe. The people are desperate and therefore using every way and means to defraud. As far as I’m concern you mailed a wrong man.

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  • There’s a website out there (don’t have the link — wish I did) that showcases an active effort to counter-scam these types of scammers. They begin lengthy dialogues promising money and assistance, then go to great lengths to get the scammers to perform strange acts (one showed a digital photo of an Indian guy holding a fish in one hand and a duck or something in the other).

    It’s perversely fascinating.

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  • undertaker i worship you. You are the best legend ever. im sorry about the ortans and what they did to you. I love tombstone. I love watching you and kane fight. I want to be just like you. you are the best please write me a letter or e-mail me i dont know your e-mail adress. you are so cool, please contact me.

  • not know of your bussiness

    hey am not a undertaker fan no more! He is getting punked down by the Great Kaliha! Undertaker sucks!

  • Adham Kamoun

    Dear Undertaker
    My name is Adham Kamoun and I am Egyptian and I like your way of playing, I like the Tombstone Pelidriver, The Last Ride and also the Chokeslam and I’m sure that you will beat The Great Khali any time, weather on Smackdown or anywhere else.But I want you to come to Alexandria,Egypt and when you come, me and you will take a photo from our camera. [Personal contact info deleted] So please come. It’s very nice if you visited us with your wife Sara.

    Adham Kamoun

  • owen

    undetaker sucks he is a story killer hes killed hidenreichs carea and now hes gunna try it on kennedy taker sucks

  • Trent

    Go Taker beat down on Kennedy….and by the way heidenreich was in WWE for another year and a half after their feud so i don’t see that as Takers fault. The only persons career he cut short was Mick’s by accident.

  • undertaker and kane are good nomatter who brings them down never give up easly and when you lose be glad that you tried your hardestcause god gave it all he had for us

  • DeathKnight

    undertaker is one of the best superstars to ever step Foot in the WWE Ring for his size yet he uses evry move in the books undertaker will go down as one of the all time greats

  • sr

    Just reading these comments has a familiarity of pit bulls go on rampage. Must be something in the water I drink or the rum.