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Understanding Ourselves through Past Life Regression Therapy

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You may be contemplating where your life is going and want the answer to your own happiness. Or, you may have a nagging feeling that you have experienced the Wild West or growing up in Africa, without any logical explanation behind it. What can you make of that? The good news is we all have interesting pasts that can help us understand ourselves in an entirely different way. You may think you already know all about your past, but what about your past lives? The ability our minds and bodies have to hold past-life memory in our unconscious is radical but true. Why not take the time to explore yours?

Past lives aren’t just a New Age idea that came and went with the ’70s. Past lives involve the belief that along with the idea of reincarnation (our spirit coming back time and time again in new forms on Earth) we will experience many lifetimes and live in many different forms. In one life, we may be a wise medicine woman who heals others as her true calling and purpose; another life sends us to the other side of the world, where we spend our life exploring the depths of the ocean and sailing the sea day after day. Some people consciously have a distinct memory of their past lives while others can’t explain their attraction to certain time periods in movies. This can all be caused by our bodies and minds recognizing a past life memory. What sparks your memory from a past life? No matter how much you can remember or want to remember, past life regression therapy can be the key that unlocks that door.

Many of the issues we need help with in this lifetime have to do with unresolved issues from a previous life. It’s possible that if we currently struggle with financial success, we are meant to learn a lesson about abundance that we as a spirit have still not learned despite the many times we have already been on Earth. If we repeatedly lie or get lied to, what could this possibly say about issues of betrayal or honesty we still have yet to learn? Past life regression therapy can fundamentally help us break the barriers of our current life, understand where and what we have been in previous lives and who we are by simply knowing where we have been.

Past life regression therapy (also known as past life healing) is a form of hypnosis that can be used as a tool to uncover past lives, and is a highly intense spiritual experience. As in any other form of hypnosis, you are guided through a trance or deep meditation by a professional you can trust, who will then help you to uncover what you feel, see, or smell as a way to tap into your unconscious for the answers to your incarnations.

What results from past life regression therapy is a profound knowledge from a memory that has finally been unlocked. We are all capable of tapping into past life memories but it does require hypnosis in many cases and the ability to trust what you see, feel, or smell while uncovering these memories. When you do tap into a past life memory, it will be shocking, exciting, and in many cases like remembering a dream you forgot you had. If you are currently in a relationship that leaves you physically or verbally abused or if you simply have a pattern of having trouble letting go of your strong attachments to a detrimental relationship, past life regression therapy can be the best form of therapy to engage in. Throughout our lifetimes, we are meant to learn significant lessons about ourselves and if we haven’t yet learned them, we will repeatedly be thrown into the same experience over and over again. Past life memories can teach us what we are still meant to learn and give us the guidance a traditional counselor or psychologist may not be able to.

Remaining open-minded to past life regression therapy is necessary for healing to begin; so is taking the initiative to recognize patterns of your current life’s progress. If you keep getting laid off from work due to down-sizing or circumstances out of your control, take the time to think about that for a minute. Why does this keep happening if everything that happens involves a natural order and a divine order? It can’t be pure coincidence that you are suffering from a lack of money over and over again, right? Past life regression therapy can and will break the negative patterns of this lifetime by exploring past lifetimes. Any subject or issue in your life can be resolved – money problems, challenging emotions in relationships, psychological barriers to commitment, or toxic feelings of inadequacy that keep reoccurring no matter what you do.

We all have invisible but powerful walls that can at times seem as if they will never come down. Our fears, if we let them and stay unaware of them on a conscious level, can affect every move we make in this life. So how do we break them in a healthy and constructive way? By learning about our past lives—what lessons we tackled and which lessons have transferred over into this life that we are still forced to learn.

Past life regression therapy is one of the best tools we can invest our time in, but it’s not a onetime event. Our detrimental patterns of behavior, our current relationships, and our emotional issues need to be constantly examined and worked on in order for us to be effective self-healers. We can use past life healing as a way to do that and take the rest of the work into our own hands for success, happiness, and the breaking of our patterns of behavior that may have existed for centuries!

Life isn’t meant to be painful. In fact, on the contrary it is meant to be enjoyed, lived well, and lived as a way of learning, growing, and evolving to the best of your ability. Past life regression therapy can improve your entire outlook on life, guide you in creating a better life than ever before, alter your behavior with clarity and knowledge, and unlock the reasons behind your fears and insecurities.

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